Spin-Off: Which RM bag are you wearing today?

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  1. I thought this would be fun...My inspiration of course is this: http://forum.purseblog.com/rebecca-minkoff/which-rm-bag-is-your-go-to-bag-276825.html. With so many ladies having so many different bags and in so many different colors. I wanted to know how everyone rotates and manages to use their many different bags....

    I'll start! :yahoo:

    Today (Thursday 4/10)
    I'm wearing my Tangy Mama. :love:

    For the past three days however, I've been utilizing my Wine Mam. :love: :love:
  2. Ooh, I like this thread, dee! I've been carrying my Wine MAM ever since I received it on Tuesday:yes: It's seriously the perfect bag.
  3. :yahoo: Isn't it just wonderful? Did you take any pics of your new baggie? I'd love to see it! :yes:
  4. Great Idea!! I am carrying my night/blue Matinee and we are going out on the town today shopping for our RAOK buddy.

  5. OMG, I actually had a little photo shoot last night of all 5 of my bags to share with everyone on the board, lol. I took like 20 photos!So I'm hoping to post them tonight, if I ever leave the office.
  6. My night/ gold crackle MAM..
  7. I am getting the last few days out of my midnight/pewter matinee. I want to switch to something more "springy" soon!
  8. This is fun! I wish i can contribute but currently i only have 2 RM (1 Silver MAM and 1 blue w/ grey suede matinee). Becoz of the colours i can only use it as my wkend bag as it wont match with my work wear.. Cant wait from my black basketweave and wine nikki to arrive so i can bring it to work!
  9. my trusty dusty saddle MA!!!!!
  10. my new violet matinee!
  11. Today it's my emerald MA paired with a vince cream sweater black pants and black prada heels.......
  12. Jeez I feel so boring, my answer is always "cream MAM"!
  13. I have an MJ bag today but yesterday I had my night with gold crackle MA! :smile:
  14. Fun thread DEE!

    Haha thats what i did too! Took like 20 someodd photos of my bags! Its fun!

    Where are the pics lady:drool::drool:

    I am wearing my Night/Gold Crackle MAB today:love:

    Again can't wait for my wine's to arrive! :girlsigh:
  15. Thursday 4/10: Used my Night/Darkspot Matinee...we went to work and to a wrap place for lunch.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.