Spin-Off: Which RM bag are you wearing today? (2)

  1. image-2277827082.jpg

    Today I'm carrying my whipstitch MAC Clutch, perfect Sunday bag! :smile: the color ought to be 'baby blue' but personally I think it's more gray than blue :smile:
  2. oooh! Beautiful Mac. I've become very picky about Macs. Not that many I love...but i do love that! I could use a luggage color lace up mac. wonder if that exists. hmmmm.
    : )
  3. this leather looks yummy!
  4. Bright Pink Cupid
  5. Still cheating with Petrol Rocco!
  6. Dark Red MAM


  7. I love this. It's so wonderfully slouchy.
  8. I'm wearing this! If not in August, then when?

  9. fun color!

    i'm back to GE MAM.
  10. ooh you're ready for fall. fall is definately in the air.
  11. I'm on a major vintage Coach kick lately - carrying my recently rehabbed 1996 Lula's Legacy. This bag is so soft and comfy! And, bag rehabbing is majorly addicting!!
  12. Oh my gosh! That is a gorgeous bag. Every vintage Coach bag looks so beautiful. Will have to start researching more about them. :graucho:
  13. That Swing looks beautiful on you! What a great pop of color!
  14. love this!
  15. Thank u kaits! :smile: