Spin-Off: Which RM bag are you wearing today? (2)

  1. I took my new Kiwi Cupid out to dinner with me. Love...

  2. It's gonna be another scorcher here in the mid-Atlantic today (about 105 with the heat index), so I'm sticking with (and occasionally, to) Butter Nikki.
  3. cheating but some rm pouches inside, one of my favorites.. work hard play hard in stone



  4. I missed OS Emerald MAB and carried if for 2 days straight :smile:
  5. Wow!!! That color is amazing!!!
  6. Serious GORGEOUSNESS!!!!!!! That leather looks so beautiful!
  7. Thank you scoobiesmomma! Old school leathers are amazing!!!
  8. I love chloe paraty! I wish to own a Large size someday :smile:
  9. Carried one of my favorites today.
    Beige Pink MAM!

    With my fav sandals!
  10. LOVE Beige pink :love:
  11. HAWT! Love the looks of the paraty! :hbeat:
  12. Nikki, I believe the color is Eggplant
  13. Emerald has such a gorgeous color and leather...does it has the same kind of leather as wine and dark grey? My hands-down fave!

    Thanks JennyErin! I am loving Kiwi color :love: It is pretty versatile, too!

    Pretty color!

    Though I am not a pink person, love beige pink and orchid ...classy!

    Yay your Nikki is beautiful! Such a gorgeous color!
  14. You are totally correct blackcat! I have both wine and dark gray and emerald has the same kind of leather. I did take a photo of the wine and emerald comparison some time ago... here it is...


  15. Hi MAGJES! Beige Pink is so dainy! The sandals and MAM pairing is perfect!

    Wow LVoeShopping! My jaw literally dropped when I saw your photo! I love the color and leather! It goes perfectly well with your top!!! Love, love, love!!!