Spin-Off: Which RM bag are you wearing today? (2)

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  1. Continued from this thread: http://forum.purseblog.com/rebecca-minkoff/spin-off-which-rm-bag-you-wearing-today-277384.html

    Posted by Deeliciouz:

    "I thought this would be fun...My inspiration of course is this: Which RM Bag is your "Go To" bag?. With so many ladies having so many different bags and in so many different colors. I wanted to know how everyone rotates and manages to use their many different bags....

    I'll start! :yahoo:

    Today (Thursday 4/10)
    I'm wearing my Tangy Mama. :love:

    For the past three days however, I've been utilizing my Wine Mam. :love: :love:"
  2. my PH zip Devote.....
  3. Olive MAM
  4. black croc mac
  5. My black MAM is with me today...again.
  6. Wine Mini Mini
  7. Turquoise MAC!
  8. nautical blue mam .... its gotten used so much recently that it cant stand up and it has stuff in it!! i love it!
  9. SW Espresso MAM
  10. Nautical Blue MAM..
  11. I've been using my royal bw mam pretty much nonstop the past week, but I'm back to envy nikki for today because I need to bring a few pairs of shoes home from the office.
  12. Wearing my Plum MAM today. I love this color!
  13. Been using my burg mam still. I may give her a rest next week and pull out a different bag ;)
  14. Sadly I couldn't tell you when the last time I used anything RM besides a pouch! Its been a while...
  15. BH 3 Zip MAC!