Spin-off Which bags WILL you buy from now on or wish for?

  1. This is a spin-off on teh thread about which bags you'll never buy.

    I wonder which bags you think you'll always be loyal to or hope to acquire one day.

    Reasons why are fun to read too!

    I'm loyal to Chanel for now. :heart: Their recent season has been spectacular, especially F/W, very edgy and cool compared to the 'older women' stigma they have always had.

    I'd like a Chloe in my collection too. Their leathers are really soft and most of their styles are classic enough not to be too dated later.
  2. I have a Mombasa, and have become interested in the Muse. I was surprised to discover how much I like YSL!
  3. i lovebalenciaga & working on buying it in weekender or work.
    i love them because the leather is sooo smooshy & that it's understated bag, doesn't scream designer.
    also that the style is very slouchy and boho.

    and also allured to buy a chloe silverado/paddy, before was a hater of the lock but now started to loving it! as well as silverado, i love it in big hobo/doctor :P
  4. I love Chanel and hope to have one (or more) someday. There's also a Marc by Marc Jacobs bag that I would like to have.
  5. I love MJ and know i will be loyal. I hope to have some chanels in my future years too. I love them because they are classic and timeless.
  6. I am being very loyal to Chanel. I love their bags- the different styles and leathers makes it difficult for me to justify buying other designers. My only diversion from Chanel has been to buy a Hermes Kelly and I would be 'disloyal' again if a Hermes blue Jean Birkin (dream on) came my way.
  7. Marc Jacobs and Prada are my favorites. =)
  8. I hope to get the "perfect" Bottega Veneta bag one day--I just haven't seen the bag I've fallen in love with yet...
  9. I own lots of different brands, but I'm probably most loyal to Chanel, YSL, and Ferragamo--they all do elegant, classic bags that generally withstand the test of time...
  10. I'm not a brand snob as I love bags more for their appearance than the designers name but I will definitely be buying my first Chanel & soon.
    I fell in love with this one yesterday :yahoo: ,it's functional and the leather will be less of a worry than the soft lambskin styles.
  11. Chanel for sure. I love it. Everything else is just filler.
  12. LOL! Like gravy!?
  13. LMBO yea, like gravy.
  14. I would really love to wn a Chaenl bag, that's my obsession at the moment!
    I am loving all of the f/w bags - I would love a 2.55 classic, PNY doctors bag and luxe bowler, but they are all quite expensive!!! I''ll have to save up big time. Hopefully I'll get some money tho, because I've just passed 10 exams, all with the top grade!!

    I would also like a Botkier bag, more Mulberrys and maybe a MJ...

    the list is endless...
  15. The YSL double bag in brown/bronze is spectacular! Patiently waiting!:yes: