Spin-off: TV chefs -- who do you love? who drives you crazy?

  1. As a spin-off of the Rachel Ray thread: Who do you love? Who drives you nuts?

    Under the "TV chefs that I love" category, it's:

    BAREFOOT CONTESSA: I could watch her all day. She has such a calming manner, and a sweet, motherly personality. And man, does she have an incredible house or what?!? Her recipes are gourmet, yet she makes the preparation seem so simple and easy.

    TYLER FLORENCE: HOT boy. And down-to-earth in the way he speaks and acts. He makes cooking seem so fun, and what a patient teacher he is.

    SARA MOULTON: I like her for many of the same reasons as the barefoot contessa. She's cute, sweet, and there's something very motherly and nurturing about the way she cooks. She just seems very normal.

    Under the "drive me crazy" category, it's:

    GIADA: drives me nuts how she over-pronounces every single word. "Cream" turns into "Ka-reeeeeeem" and "rich" turns into "Rrrrrrr-which." And I think it's annoying how she overpronounces that Italian accent for every Italian word she says: "spaghetti" turns into "Spah-Geeeeteeee!" And "ricotta" turns into "Reee-KOH!-tah." I mean, I know she's Italian and all, but so is Mario Batali and he doesn't overpronounce his Italian words! I also can't stand all her fake smiles...she has a big huge grin even while she's standing in silence, stirring a pot of pasta. I mean, who cooks like that IRL????

    SANDRA LEE: If I hear her say "table-scape" one more time, I will scream. And is it me or does that woman have an obsession with her niece Danielle? She's constantly talking about her. Somethiing about her wardrobe rubs me the wrong way -- hellloooooo, BOOBS! And she talks as if she's talking to a deaf 5-year-old.

    ALTON BROWN: too much talking, although his nerdiness is kind of cute. Some of his food factoids are interesting, but bottom line -- I'd rather see cooking.

    RACHEL RAY: I get tired just watching her. She needs to calm down. Is it just me, or does that woman yell instead of speak? Small doses of Rachel is OK, but any more than that and I'm exhausted and need a vacation.
  2. Rachel Ray is a given of dislikes for me. I don't like Bobby Flay or Emeril. Neither one washes their hands.
    I don't mind Giada though.
  3. I like Paula Deen on the Food channel. She is the older lady in Georgia. I like her casual Southern style. She isn't at all vain - a nice contrast to almost every other host on the Food network.

    Did you catch the show that documented Paula's wedding? It covered the planning, pre-parties, and wedding day.

    Paula has 2 huge good ol boy adult sons with lots of dark facial hair. They were in the wedding ceremony. Before the wedding day, Paula kept referring to them as her bridesmaids.

    As a lark, the boys went to the rehearsal dinner dressed in strapless frilly bridesmaids' gowns. They were a riot and Paula loved it.
  4. I have an unpopular opinion-I actually like Guy Fieri. I like him because my hubby likes him, and actually takes what he sees on the show and cooks for the first time in 16 years. Gotta love anyone who does that!

    Personally, I like to watch Throwndown with Bobby Flay, because he usually loses and is okay with that-I hate the rest of his shows. I also like Sandra Lee a little bit, although her food seems revolting sometimes. Her show entertains me anyway.
  5. I love ''Take home chef''..Curtis!!! He's the tall blonde aussie...my SO and I love his show.

    Not a huge fan of Bobby Flay..he's a tad arrogant.
  6. Haha I love the Food Channel.
    My favorite chef is probably Barefoot Contessa, I like Giada too. And I find Bobby Flay attractive...in an arrogant, weird way. :shame:
    I can't stand Rachael Ray or Alton Brown.
  7. Me too! I love his show and my BF always watches it with me.

    I also like Bobby Flay cause he seems pretty laid back, and the whole crew from Ace of Cakes.
  8. Ooo-how could I forget my Take Home Chef floooove. Curtis is the man!

  9. I wish I could take the Take Home Chef home with me!! That boy is gorge..and his accent...:girlsigh:
  10. ^totally agree... he's very swoon-worthy:tup:

    for some reason i really like giada... she comes across as very sincere and lovely, although her pronunciation sometimes gets to me as well.

    i've never really enjoyed watching emeril, alton brown or sandra lee... she's cute, but not EVERYTHING has to be so matchy- matchy! haha that aspect drives me bonkers.
  11. I like Nigella.... I never see her shows anymore though.

    Does the first season Top Chef winner count? I think he's awesome!!
  12. I don't cook. Well, I can boil things and microwave things. But I love watching shows on the Food Network and living vicariously through them.

    Chefs I Love:
    (All my information comes from Wikipedia.)

    Gordon Ramsay

    Yes, almost every other word out of his mouth is a profanity, but I believe it's because he's so passionate about food and it must drive him crazy knowing people who call themselves chefs are serving sub par food and calling it 'gourmet.' I love watching Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares. Yes, he does do his share of profanity there, too, but he also shows his almost softer side. In one restaurant, to get a head chef (let's call him Tom) to speak up more in the kitchen, Gordon had him get in his face and start yelling. Once Tom mastered that, Gordon then had him do it again, only this time in front of the rest of the kitchen staff.

    Jamie Oliver

    He seems like a very nice guy, and he's just as passionate about food as Ramsay is. I loved watching Jamie's School Dinners. I thought it was wonderful that not only was he concerned about the crap that school children were eating but he was determined to do something about it. Because of him, the British government and Tony Blair promised to take steps to improve school dinners shortly after the program aired.271,677 people signed an online petition on the Feed Me Better website, which was delivered to 10 Downing Street on 30 March 2005. Certain junk foods (such as the notorious Bernard Matthews "Turkey Twizzlers" much derided on the show) were banned from schools by their local borough or county council. The Department for Education and Skills created the School Food Trust to provide support and advice to improve the standard of school meals.

    It wasn't enough that he visited schools and changed their menus. A year later, he went back to the schools he originally visited to see how things were going and worked to fix any complications that arose.

    In London, meeting first with Alan Johnson, the Secretary of State for Education and Skills, and Prime Minister Tony Blair, Jamie secures promises of an additional £240M for 3 years, a trust to allow schools without kitchens to build, a pledge to consider a series of training kitchens across the country, and creation of a voluntary code of conduct concerning advertising of junk food to children.

    Nigella Lawson

    She always seems so down-to-earth and personable. I remember when she was on either Leno or Conan talking about her new cookbook. The cookbook contained a recipe for a Chocolate Guiness Cake that looked fascinating.
  13. Chefs that drive me crazy

    Emeril Lagasse: I'm sure he's a very nice guy and he's got some great ideas, but I can't get past the "BAM!" and the "Let's kick it up a notch!" It's gotten to the point where people are more interested in his catch phrases than the actual cooking, which is a shame.

    Rachel Ray: She seems like a very nice person, but it's almost like she's best enjoyed only in small doses. All that damn perkiness and saccharine!
  14. I like:
    Jamie Oliver, Bobby Flay, Paula Dean.

    I usually like Alton Brown...but he was on the last 2 'Next Food Network Star' and he was a big a$$...he obviously had a blast putting down the contestants, so constructive critisms at all, just slams...I was very dissappionted.

    The rest have there good moments, but start to grate on me:
    Giada, Rachel Ray (whom my 13 year old has a crush on), Emeril, barefoot Contessa
  15. I use to love Rachel Ray but I got tired of Yum-O and E V O O :p

    I do love Bobby Flay though :biggrin: