Spin Off: Retailer Workers share your funny customer stories

  1. I'll get the ball rolling a man puts £1 into a vending machine for a can of coke but the coke is sold out and he doesn't want another can so he ejects the money and gets 2 x 50p's (i.e £1) he comes up to reception.

    Man: I'm sorry I put a pound in the machine and got 50p's back
    Reception: Ok sir
    Man: Well this isn't my money I put a pound in
    Rec: Yes Sir but that is equal to a pound
    Man: Yes but this is not my money
    Rec: Oh ok sir (realising this is not going anywhere) opens the vending machine and gives him a pound.
    Man: Yes thank you this is my pound (it was juat a random pound) I'll leave these with you (50p) in case some one comes back for them

  2. i work in the childrens wear section of a department store and regularly get people asking me "where are the baby clothes" when we are standing in the baby section!
    or i had a man today say to me "where are the coats?" bear in mind that the department is in age/gender sections. when i asked what type of coat he wanted (meaning size, sex etc) he said "a warm one"

    and security once had to stop 2 very young men from having sex in the lift!

  3. HA...that is classic!!!! I love hearing these stories!
  4. I work in the children's department and I have adults grab an item off the rack where there is a CLEAR sign stating the price, and come up to me and ask me the price. If I didn't know any better, I would tell them to learn how to read.
  5. I work at Blockbuster, and every monday the backer cards for the movies that are coming out the next day are put out, with dvd cases that have an insert that says "Rent This Tommorow". There are always 5-10 of them up for big movie releases, but I swear there will 5-10 people a night asking if we have gotten any copies of that movie in and about 2-3 of those will bring up the "Rent This Tommorow" dvd case and ask if a copy of that certain movie, where they found the dvd case, has come back in :upsidedown:

    Another thing is people that feel that they can take the backer cards for the DVD's. Last night I caught a father grabbing a spiderman 3 backer card for his son, and when I went up and told him they had to put it back, the father was shocked. I then had to remind him that what he was doing was considered theft and I could call the police on him ... he still didnt get it :hysteric: :cursing:
  6. Customer looking at Cod liver oil with Garlic capsules

    Me: Do you need any help?
    Cust: I want Cod liver oil capsules.
    Me: Ok well this is the right area they are all on this shelf
    Cust: I want one this size but not with garlic in (that bottle has 50 capsules)
    Me: Ok well your closest is this bottle it's just a little larger it has 60 capsules but it's actually a little cheaper
    Cust: No I want one this size
    Me: I'm very sorry we don't do one in 50 caps this is the closest
    Cust: Well can't you just take the Garlic out
  7. (While at a candy store.)
    Customer (While standing in front of the HUUUGE list of candy): So, what do you guys sell here?


    Oh, I forgot to mention. This store is particularly packed-to-the-brim with candy displays... everywhere. They make candy in the front window (imagine big ol' taffy pulls, caramel corn, etc). Not to mention that delicious, intoxicating smell of candy.

    I was tempted to say that we sold auto parts.