SPIN OFF: Parents say the Funniest things.....

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  1. Sorry I keep spinning off everyone's thread but I thought this would be a funny one too sometimes parents just say the craziest things..

    Me & Bf went to London on a shopping trip when he was talking to his mother the next day he was telling her that we had walked so much his feet where burning she replied..

    "that's because of the subways, the pavement is hot" :roflmfao:

    Granparents believed that the reason it rains so much (I live in UK) and for global warming is space shuttle's & Balloons (!!). They put holes in the ozone layer :yes:
  2. Of course there is the ultimate classic line all mother's use. As a child climbing trees etc my Mother always told me not to go running to her when I fell out the tree and broke my legs! :wtf:
  3. A few months ago, my Language teacher was reading Anne Frank with one of her classes, so she taped off a space in the middle of her classroom that was the same size of Anne Frank's room. Her plan was that four at a time, students would sit in there and read the book. I told my dad about this, and he said, "Were they blindfolded?"
  4. My first spin off....lol...I have a good one.

    My in laws are very well off, very generous and a bit excentric...how many people do you know decide to buy a winter home sight unseen (I swear to god...lol...this year they bought a home in palm dessert, via friends recomendation and pics only)...just some back ground 'cuz it makes the comment funnier....

    So we are at inlaws, I am helping with dinner and I see MIL pulling of roots of potatoes (eeewww), I say, "oh those are bad, let me run to the store and pick up some new ones for you." She says....

    "but potatoes are so expensive"

  5. My mother asked me to check the online weather for her business trip a while ago so she knew what she shoud pack. She was concerned about a storm that may effect flights so she was pretty nervous. Shes a very very smart woman but sometimes she says the funniest things...

    I said "look mom, its down to just showers now, nothing to worry about!" to which she replied "oh my god, showers? does that mean its going to rain?!?" :wtf:

    I just looked at her for a secon then almost fell out ofthe chair laughing so hard... she didnt think it was as funny as I did :roflmfao:
    • My parents were visiting me when I was studying in London and we all went out to dinner. My dad and I were a bit worried about mad cow disease so we all agreed not to order any beef. I ordered duck or chicken and my dad ordered some sort of fish. My mom orders veal. I guess she assumed that because it didn't say beef on the menu, she'd be fine. (I know,I know, I've tried telling her about it but she just won't listen and even serves it at home sometimes. Sh enow knows to make me something else, though.)
    • I was at Kingston University and classes were let out early. I decided to see a movie that afternoon and The Grinch had just been released. I was waiting for the box office to open so I could purchase a ticket when a mother and her son and daughter went over to look at the movie poster. The mother and I got to talking about the movie and she asked me what it was about. I told her, "Um, well, the Grinch doesn't like Christmas so he decides to steal it. "She replies, "So he's a bit naughty, then?"
    • In conversation, my mom accidentally said 'speculum' when she meant 'spectrum.'
    • My mom was telling my brother and me about a family friend's rough pregnancy and how she had developed edema. Without thinking, the first thing that popped out of my mouth was "Funky Cold Edema!"
  6. Ahhh, this is a great thread!! LOL:roflmfao:
    I love everyone's responses!

    My mo is famous for saying silly things and not realizing it until i laugh at her, so there are too many to think of one!

    But my dad, who rarely says silly stuff not on purpose had a decent one.

    I had decided to go on a low-carb diet, and while visiting my parents, my dad, holding a can of Diet Pepsi says,
    "Now see, you can have Pepsi, it's carbonated, but it doesn't have any carbs!"

    He thought he was so smart, but we all just laughed at him.
  7. My parents, about me being a teenager and asking them permission to go somewhere with friends...They would ALWAYS do that.
    "-But what do the other parents say ?
    me : - they all say it's fine
    mum : - but I don't care what the other parents say it's their business !!!
    OR - They are irresponsible parents !"
  8. I need to set this up first . . . .

    I call my dad or he calls me every night. After we've discussed what we need to, we'll 'watch' them together. Lately it's been The Simpsons but before it was Family Guy. (Sidebar: I tend to send him anything having to do with England or the English.) Anyway I send him this clip:

    Peter watches some high class British porn

    After watching it, he chuckled, then stopped, then (jokingly) said, "That's NOT funny!"
  9. When I was younger and I would get a grade back for one of my exams, they would always ask me how the rest of my class did in comparison. If my grade was good and the class' grade was bad, they would say "oh see, you're smarter than the rest of the class". If my grade was bad but still higher than the class grade, they would say "I don't care about how other kids do, only you!" Strange parents...
  10. I'm not a parent, but I always say funny things.

    I was going to my friends little bro's birthday party and was riding with my friend, her husband and their son. I was in the back seat having fun with the baby. Well, he pulled of my glasses so I couldn't see very well. So I say, "Look Aidan. Look at the cows, or are they horses? No, look at the cows. Or are they horses? No the cows! No the horses!"

    So my friends husband asks me why I thought they were horses.

    And I responded, "Because cows are black and white!"

    I swear the second I said it I said,"No they're not! No they're not!"

    It was funny as hell! And EVERYONE still teases me to this day.