Spin-off of what did you learn today: What do you want to teach us today?

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  1. I thought this could be a Helpful Hints thread.

    For the engaged ladies:

    • Fiancee (with two e's) refers to the woman of the couple.
    • Fiance (with one e) refers to the man of the couple.


    Katherine and her fiance John.
    Josh and his fiancee Katherine.
  2. weary = exhausted
    wary = cautious

    e.g. I am wary of eBay sellers who don't accept Paypal.
  3. If a food combination sounds gross in theory.......then it most likely tastes gross in reality. I nearly puked today after thinking it would be a good idea to spread pimento cheese onto a pancake and then toss it in a microwave for 30 seconds :throwup:.
  4. Always be polite and friendly at fast food restaurants because my neighbor's son says they spit in rude customers food!:wtf:
    This is so not right.
  5. ^^ That goes for restaurants in general. It's all right to politely send things back, but don't insult the waiters or the chefs.

    RIGHT: "Excuse me, but I didn't realize this Ceasar salad had anchovies in it. I'm allergic to anchovies. I hate to do this, but I'd like to send this back, and mayI please have the Cobb salad instead? Thank you."

    WRONG: "How difficult is your job? I wanted the chicken in my Ceasar salad to be cut into CUBES, not strips! God! A monkey could do what you do!"
    (That person's food is about to be 'decorated.')

    A good general rule (to borrow a line from Waiting): "Don't F:cursing:CK with the people handling your food!"
  6. OMG haha "DECORATED" haha :lol::lol::lol::lol::lol:

  7. A long time ago I saw this show on what actually happens to your food if you piss of the waiter...............:throwup:

    All I can say is to show your waiter some love unless you want something less than appetizing in your food.