Spin-off of the other thread - bags you've bought and SOLD this year...

  1. My list of bags I've bought is huge (and I didn't become a purse fiend until July!) but the ones I still own - a bit smaller. ;)

    What about you?
  2. I truly would not know where to begin....lol
  3. Bought Coach Legacy Pouch on eBay, and sold it a week later on eBay...just not my style. Too small.

    Bought Coach Ergo tote in store, cut the tags off, decided I would rarely carry a brown bag, sold on eBay.

    I think my love affair with Coach might be ending for now...I get all caught up and then I end up losing money. :sad:
  4. Me neither LOL
  5. i am with you -- i have had a crazy year of buying and selling... i have finally reached a good place of only buying what i really think i want versus what i can get at a great price... i say that now but who knows what will happen this holiday season!!
  6. I guess eBay is the biggest winner. lol....
  7. I don't even want to inventory this last year's bag purchase/sales/returns.

    I'd like to stay in some sort of denial regarding the depth of my handbag habit and the insanity that seems to surround it. If I type it out, that will be blown and reality will come rushing in.

    I wish I was joking.
  8. Bought and sold this year...

    HH Mercer 3C satchel in Currant
    HH mercer 3C satchel in Poppy Red
    HH Ana, Saddle
    HH Inka, Saddle
    HH Nico XX Hobo, Poppy Red
  9. I didn't get to answer my own thread last night:

    Sigrid Olsen Teal Sandpiper Hobo
    Betsey Johnson Lucky Charms bag in brown
    HH Salina Pouch in Amethyst
    HH Havana Hobo in Chalk
    LV Epi Speedy 35 in black
    Maxx Black Hobo

    I know there are more...
  10. So far, only sold:

    HH Nico in Currant
    HH Nomade Hobo in Fir

    But returned?? That is a scary thought... HH Nico in Amethyst & Iznik yellow (Why? oh WHY did i do that??!), Bulga Crescent satchel in Goldrush, a few Chloe Ediths, HH Lido Hobo in Lead, HH Mimi in Olive, HH Margot in Woodgrain... OK too depressed and stopping now!!
  11. I would need an engineer's spreadsheet showing my purchases and sales for the year.

    I do think I have FINALLY learned my preferred bag style after 9 months of trying, I have learned what I like and don't. This should stem the tide.