Spin off: Best baby products

  1. OK another helpful thread for the first time moms to be.........

    Share your favorite baby products.

    I always like to make a basket/box of my favorite baby products for first time moms, with a note of why on each item.

    The box just sent for SIL included:

    J&J Lavender nighttime bath
    J&J eucalyptus bath, really helps those stuffy noses
    baby gas drops, mylicon, these can be a lifesaver
    Gold bond baby powder (this stuff is the best...my mil recommended it, and my 2nd and 3rd never had 1 diaper rash)
    playtex sippy cups, they only ones that really work
    baby einstien dvds, the older ones are better if you can find them.
    Sassy baby photo book, really kept the kids busy and entertained on the go.

    What are your favorites?
  2. Hipp is honestly one of my favorite brands for baby things.

    HiPP Babysanft Feucht-Tücher (Anti alergenic baby wipes)
    HiPP Babysanft Pflege-Bad (Bath stuff)
    HiPP Babysanft Wundschutz Creme (Diaper rash cream)
    Nuk Baby Rose Sleep Pacifier (without ring)
    Nuk Premium Comfort nursing pads
  3. ha ha, twink, im not a baby and i love j&j lavender nighttime bath!
  4. ^ It smells great!
  5. Ok, this is not a "must have" but is something my dd still loves (she's now 5) and has been a great baby shower gift, especially as something "fun" to go along with more practical stuff - a "taggies" blanket (and now they have a whole line of stuffed animals too).

    I am also a fan of Desitin zinc oxide ointment (which also works well on my zits!)
  6. I actually used the heck out of my baby carriers. I would haul him everywhere in them, first on the front when he was tiny, then on the back when he was a toddler. I liked it much better than maneuvering a stroller everywhere. Other than that, cloth diapers with the liners, covers and velcro or snap sides all in one are amazing.
  7. mustela baby products and carol's daughter products
    buttpaste &destitin
    good old fashion vaseline
    baby wipes for sensitive skin(you can use it all over).
  8. mustela!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:tup:
  9. Aquaphor - for any skin problems. works for mommy too.
  10. Burt's bees - Baby bee apricot oil
    Burt's bees baby bee shampoo bar
    Best after bath smell!
  11. I love Burts bees too. In fact i nick the baby's bath stuff now coz it smells so yummy.

    Also The Organic Pharmacy nappy barrier is really great, so is the nipple cream.

    And love the Jurlique baby bath oil