Spilts/cuts on the mono canvas

  1. hi, does anyone know how to prevent the splits or cracks on the canvas for splitting or cracking further?
  2. if its a new bag thats splitting i would take it back to the store, i would think thats a deffect
  3. x2

    However, I've seen splits on very old bags. I wonder if they're inevitable after a few decase or they occour because they've been neglected? :confused1:
  4. It may be a defect or the bag was abused:crybaby:
  5. Yeah, sometimes though, the splits are inevitable. I've seen mono billfolds have little cracks in the canvas on the bottom of the fold...once it does this it can't be repaired since it may cause it to crack further.
  6. I think using a leather conditioner can help to prevent cracks. It usually happens to older bags and accessories. Dry climates don't help either. I have heard my SA say before to use the Coach leather conditioner on the canvas, although I have never tried it myself!
  7. :tup:I use Apple conditioner on the edges of my bags and along the edges of my wallet and smaller pieces too!