Spilling your guts: What's inside your Yves St Laurent?

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  1. I've seen a thread like this on other subforums, and thought I'd make one for YSL.

    I thought it would be neat to see what we carry on a daily basis or what we carry when we're just going on quick trips.


    Spilling my guts:

    Rayban wayfarers
    Marc Jacobs black calfskin key pouch
    Purell hand sanitizer
    Totes umbrella
    Ipod touch with headphones
    Slides of my artwork
    Pocket knife
    Smart trip card
    Sharpie fine point pen
  2. Fun idea chinsumo! :woohoo:

    I see that we have the same BlackBerry, lol. So Washington. :rolleyes:

    For gawd's sake, be careful with that Sharpie in there. Would make me nervous. :s
  3. That was my first thought too! Maybe you can put the sharpie in a ziploc bag!

    Here's my contribution: Large Tribute tote in chocolate

    - Large Vera Bradley make-up case (everything except the book, umbrella, and gloves go in there)
    - Pride and Prejudice (I read it once a month)
    - LV personal agenda
    - Longchamp coin purse
    - iPhone 3G
    - Cashmere gloves from Nordstrom
    - Totes umbrella
    - Purse hook (gift from friend)
    - Ziploc with lotions, gum, and chapstick)
    - SmarTrip card
    - business card holder

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  4. Thanks, Cosmo!

    And yes, the blackberry is the most ubiquitous phone in Washington. haha. I honestly don't know what I'd do without it though. And, I didn't even think about the sharpie like that, now I'm worried. Eek *Switching pens*

    Also, thanks for contributing Suli, your tribute looks great! Wonderful pics, and thanks for posting them!
  5. Hehe i like this idea

    I hardly use my Muse bag, My daily bag would be my tribute, mogador or the balenciaga weekender.

    But My Muse is always my fave!



    My daily stuffs :-
    Marc jacobs travel kit (for all my sewing tools for class)
    YSL Y-mail notebook
    Louis Vuitton Agenda
    Magazines, lots of them, I like to have something to read

    Phone, wallet and Ipod usually in the pocket. That usual guy thing.
  6. Lovely Muse! I see that you're reading "Bringing Home the Birkin"! I read that this past summer while flying to Maine. Fun read, although I've heard he's a bit of a controversial figure over at the Hermes subforum.
  7. Awesome pictures toosan. Your white muse is stunning!! I think the muse looks best in white.
  8. Inside my Pewter Besace:
    Louis Vuitton Zippy Organizer Wallet
    Louis Vuitton Nomade Leather Medium Agenda
    Prada Makeup Case
    iPhone 3g
    Louis Vuitton Graphite Damier Key Ring with keys
    "The Associate" by John Grisham

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  9. #9 Feb 1, 2009
    Last edited: Feb 1, 2009
    It's so interesting to look at the contents of people's handbags--I love to see books and magazines! My purseket (purse organizer) keeps everything neat in my medium muse two.

    Wet Ones towelettes
    Swiss army knife
    Visine eye drops
    nail clipper
    2 nail files: emory board and crystal nail file
    brush picks (like tooth picks)
    2 pens
    mini brush
    pad of paper
    gift card
    Vera Bradley wallet
    coin purse
    plastic bag in case I need to put my handbag in it to protect it from rain, etc. (not shown in pics)


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  10. lizz i love the idea of a purse organizer! how awesome!
  11. Baglover and Lizz! Thanks for contributing!

    BL, I love how your ipod case is as dazzling as your besace, and your LV agenda is gorgeous. Love that color.

    Lizz, your purse organizer is great! And I agree, it's really interesting to see what we carry day to day. A lot of varied contents posted so far! Keep them coming!
  12. Ha ha ha! I get varying reactions to my iPhone case. People either think it's adorable or way over the top. I personally think it's fabulous :wlae: I got it from the seller "samsuniquestore" on ebay. She makes cases for blackberries and iPhones - all for only $25!
  13. I think it's fabulous! I don't know if I could rock it myself, but you definitely can!

    *We need more gut spilling!*

    haha :wlae:
  14. I agree...more guts! ;)

  15. Chinsumo - I just had to post here because I love your bag so much I had a dream about it last night!!!!

    It seemed so real I felt like I could touch the embossed nubuck!!