Spilled hot buttered popcorn all over my Coach!

  1. Last night at the movies, not paying attention...and my British tan (I think that's the color) leather swingpack has a huge terrible stain! Is there anything I can use to remedy it, or should I just get a new one?
  2. OMG!!! I am so distressed for you! :crybaby: This is like my worst fear because I love extra butter on my popcorn. I always hope and pray that no one sits next to me in the theater so that my purse can have it's own seat. Ugh! I'm sorry I don't know how to help you but hopefully someone will come along and will know what to do.
  3. Oh I'm sorry :sad: I am not sure about this but awhile back someone (I think it was Lexie about a Kooba bag?) had an oil spill and they cleaned it up, might have involved baking soda. Search popcorn spills/oil (I know it sounds silly) in the Kooba section. I think it was a tip from Loving my bags and it worked for her. Good luck.

    If you look at my past threads, the EXACT same thing happened to me while i went out to the movies and my friend spilled popcorn grease on my Bleeker (med. flap-- British tan) that i had especially ordered from COACH Japan. And it was my first night wearing it-- not even 4 hours and the purse was ruined.

    In any case, someone from tPF suggested rubbing cornstarch on the stain. It's suppose to absorb the oil. I did bring it to my local COACH store, and they suggested the same thing and not putting anything else on it as it might cause the stain to get worst. They also told me that the grease would blend into the leather in time-- TIME being the relative word! You can try exchanging it-- this is completely dependant on who the SA or MGR is., but they couldn't for mine because it was from COACH Japan-- heck it wouldn't hurt to try.

    Still, i am so sorry this happened to you...:crybaby:
  5. Oh man, I got a huge green grease stain all over my brand new uggs and nearly wept. I know they're not in style anymore, but they're so damn comfortable!! I should have known they'd get dirty fast though, they're th sand color. I'm sorry I don't have a remedy for you but I share your pain!!
  6. I didnt read thru the posts, but did you try the leather cleaner? I would take it in to the store and see what they suggest. good luck!
  7. No offense, but I can't believe you would even suggest exchanging it. The stain didn't happen as a result of Coach's bad workmanship, it happened because of an accident, an oopseedaisy. It's like exchanging your car if you get rear ended. Makes no sense.

    To the OP: I am really sorry that happened. I would be so upset too. I purposely don't attend opening weekends so that I can assure my bag a seat of it's own. I agree with some of the others, try baking soda or cornstarch. Something that absorbs oil. Good luck!
  8. hahaha that made me laugh out loud! which is bad, b/c im in my school library now and everyone is all quiet and serious! oops!
  9. i think your going to need a new one...
  10. I never take my Coach bag to the movies, there's too much sticky junk on the floor, the seats etc. I take another cheaper bag.
  11. I wasn't trying to exchange it at all! The SA spoke to the manager and asked him if there was anything they could do as far as exchanging it-- THEY were the ones that suggested it, not me. But since it was from Japan/COACH they could not do it-- not available in their warehouse. Just wanted to clarify that.

    As for suggesting an exchange, if you look at the back of any COACH receipt it says that "Coach reserves the right to modify its exchange and return policy." Which is what i know they were trying to do for me. Quite frankly, it was good customer service that they wanted to go that far to help me. So i guess it's all a matter of perspective. And no offense taken.:rolleyes:
  12. omg...try baking soda, it might help.

  13. Ah - how morifying. I hope the cornstarch/baking soda idea works. Good luck!!

  14. Well, then I am even more impressed with Coach now then ever. I had no idea they would try to go to great lengths! Any other company would just say "tough crap" which is the type of service I am sure we all get from time to time. :tdown: Thanks for the info!
  15. This past weekend I was at the movies and DH was freaking out because I brought my hobo inside. He made me put napkins everywhere and protect it. He has become very protective over it since it is my "investment"! I didnt think about the butter until he said something and I saw your post.