Spilled Coffee on My New Bag

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  1. Hi dear B ladies. I feel so upset right now since I just spilled coffee on my less than 2 week old bag. I can't believe the coffee cup fell out of the cup holder in my car. Not sure how to clean it. When I wiped up the coffee with a paper towel, it has some red on it. aargh! The tassels and the front corner are slightly darkened. Why did it have to happen to my first new bag? Any advice on cleaning it and getting rid of coffee smell? Thanks in advance for listening and your advice.

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  2. Ok, IM, I am really sorry, try not to panic. The first week I had my Blue City my husband spilled an ENTIRE glass of red wine on it. When I got it home I took a huge white towel and saturated it with water, thoroughly rubbed down my bag and left it to dry. The next day I couldn't believe my eyes, but there was not a trace of wine, water or anything!!! A real tribute to Bal leather. Good luck and please remember to breathe!!
  3. Thanks DM. Good to know a glass of red wine didn't ruin your Blue City. Hopefully, my bag will look ok after it dries. I felt like crying (silly!) and kept playing it over and over in my head ( like maybe the cup wasn't in the cup holder, or I should have put my purse in the back seat, etc). The lesson learned is that I can't leave the house without my coffee (so much for buying a morning cup of joe). Thanks again. Hope you are having a grand time in Napa (have you been to the French Laundry restaurant in Yountville? Always wanted to try it).
  4. OMG Iamminda
  5. Oops sorry last post went haywire & posted by accident (I KNOW it wasn't my:heart::hugs: fault...haha) Anyway, OMG but try not to panic. I know it's hard though. I've never had this happen so I'm sorry I don't have recommendation but I read DM's reply & I bet you are in good hands. I will literally say a prayer right now for your Town! In the pic it really doesn't seem noticeable....what's noticeable is that SPECTACULAR COLOR & leather! Hugs & hand tough mama!
  6. Hey IM, we actually stay in Yountville and yes I have been to The French Laundry, though not on this trip. I am a vegetarian and they do a really nice 8 course meal for both veggies and non veggies. :smile: Sitting still for I think 3 hours for 8 courses is hard for me and not something I like to do all the time, but it is definitely a memorable experience and I recommend that if given the chance, everyone try it at least once. On a regular basis, the truth is that I actually prefer his casual bistro, Bouchon, down the block. If you are interested at all, I have been posting this week in The Kitchen thread under vegetarian food as well as the wine thread. :heart::heart: Please keep us posted on the progress and outcome of your lovely Town. :hbeat:
  7. Thanks so much Kendie! I feel silly for panicking over a wet purse (I know there are more pressing issues in this world) but I knew you lovely B ladies would understand. Hoping for the best as it dries. Thx again.
  8. That's great that you recommend the French Laundry and Bouchon. I know it takes a long time to get a reservation at the FL. Hoping to go there someday. I will go check out The Kitchen thread. Thanks again for your support in this matter.
  9. Gaaahhhhh....did it soak right through or is it just surface?
  10. Thx. Think it is just the surface. The fabric lining inside is dry. It's starting to dry so it's not that noticeable (I think) plus the distressed look hides flaws to some extent. Now if only I can get rid of the mild coffee "scent". Maybe I should try a leather cleaner I have? I was worried that the red dye was coming off a bit as I was drying it with paper towels.
  11. There are worse smells than coffee :biggrin:...maybe you could try the cleaner on an inconspicuous bit of the leather and see what happens? Inside the zipper pocket or something like that?
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  12. Good idea -- thanks muchstuff!
  13. Let us know how it turns out!
  14. Muchstuff is so right! Iamminda dearest, do you have a disdain for coffee? Seriously, it's like 1 of my favorite smells, but hey, I get that it's not for everybody. I wonder if Baking Soda could help somehow? just thinking out loud...I'll google & see if I can find anything else
    Hugs ladies
  15. Will do -- thanks again.

    I actually love coffee!! But I want my new Bbag to smell of divine leather instead of coffee (lol!). I will let it air out for a few days and see how it goes. I don't think the darkening I saw earlier is permanent -- think it was just the wet leather look. I am still kicking myself for this incident -- maybe I spaced out and left the coffee on the car tray instead of in the cup holder. Not working with a full deck today! Thanks again.