Spill the beans on your BV secrets. . .

  1. I thought this would be a fun thread on any secrets, habits, confessions, etc. . you may have about your BV. I'll go first!

    1) I know this is probably crazy, but I haven't yet traveled with my BV's. Probably an unnecessary paranoia of damaging the leather. I'm going on a trip later this year, and I finally plan on taking something!

    2) When I get a new BV item, I like to "pet" the leather because it is so soft and supple. That's definetely gotten me a few crazy looks from my fiancee. . :roflmfao:

    3) I keep everything stuffed with paper and in their dustbags at all times if I'm not using them. Sometimes, I use cotton balls to help keep the corners of the bags from crinkling if the paper can't get through.

    4) My friends and family know I love bags, but I've barely told anyone about BV since I'm afraid they'll be like :wtf::wtf::wtf: at the price. My excuse(which is true!) is that these are bags I can use forever. . . Of course, I use that line with every bag! :graucho:
  2. What a funny thread you start here....but I'm totally related to what you wrote.
    I love to sniff on my bag to smell the divine new leather smell. My DH thought that it's so funny and he love to see me doing that. He like to see me enjoying the bag.
  3. I pet and sniff as well. When I got a Chanel Modern Chain last year (2006) in taupe when I first pulled it out of the box it smelled like chocolate. So I just sat on the couch petting and sniffing.
  4. Fun thread!
    My BV secret - If I could, I'd crawl inside my maxi veneta! :blush: The suede lining is so soft and cuddly! The leather on the outside is soft, too!
  5. Hi, my name is doreen joy and I'm a petter & sniffer!
  6. At work, I set my bag on my desk so I can stare at it throughout the day.
    I take my bag scarf shopping and match the scarf to the bag.
    I'm considering getting a campana in lotus even though I have one in magnolia.
  7. This is a funny thread...love the posts!

    I, as so many others do, smell the leather...it is intoxicating.

    The other thing I do is always have the bag near me, like a little pet. I did not do this with my other obsession, Jimmy Choo. I may just be at home, sittin' in the recliner, but my BV sits next to me in the end table.

    Do we have any psychiatrists in the group that can explain our behavior, lol?
  8. Jburgh, one of my best friends is a psychiatrist, and I even hesitate to tell her the full extent! That's the great thing about TPF that no one else on the outside may understand, but people here do. Some things people consider vices, we just consider to be habits. :p As long as your priorities including financial goals are in check, I don't think people should feel too guilty to indulge yourself every once in awhile. It does peeve me off sometimes when people make blanket assumptions about you just based on what you are carrying though. :yucky:
  9. i literally slept with my first bv when it arrived - hugged it close like a favourite pillow or teddy.
  10. When I have my BV in the passenger seat, every time I stop at a stop light, I look over at her and smile.
  11. Okay, I've contemplated doing that but never actually DONE it!!
  12. My DH pointed out one evening at dinner that I was hugging my bag. Indeed, I had plopped the bag on the table in front of me to search for a kleenex and since we were about to leave I left the bag there...and in fact, I had wrapped my arms around the bag and sort of rested my head on top. Maybe the soft, lush, squishy quality of BVs has replaced our childhood love of stuffed animals?
  13. I sniff too, and touch and stroke the leather all the time, it just looks a lot more insane since I only own a BV silver and leather bracelet! (I do it with my other bags too though, but the bracelt is the best)
  14. Def a sniffer. Almost without fail when I pull out my continental wallet.
  15. LOL I do that too! If it's a BV I don't get to use much, I'll slip my arm through the handle and take a nap "wearing it" so I feel I've enjoyed 'using' it. DH thinks I'm nuts and wishes I snuggled with him like I do my BVs!!