Spill it! You know you have plans for the S/S '08 colors already!

  1. Yeah, I know, we haven't even seen swatches yet, but we've seen a few pics, and we have a few descriptions, and I'm pretty sure I already know what I want- lol! :yahoo:

    This is my plan for S/S '08, which will mean selling some of my current Bbags, but oh well:

    '08 Magenta City in RH
    '08 Bubblegum Pink Day with GGH (yeah, I think this will look hot)
    '08 Sage in EITHER (depending on the actual color) a Day with SGH or a City with RH.

    So what do you all have in mind? :rolleyes:
  2. Yes - I am likely to be running after
    • GSH Electric Blue Work
    • RH Magenta Make-Up or Coin Purse
    • Something as yet undefined in Vert Thyme (perhaps that new style?)
  3. GAHH!!! NOOOOooooooooooo.......:weird:

    Oh okay. This is just PRETEND after all, right??!!

    Magenta make-up and coin
    Electric Blue City

    (....and, if those come through....a lot of cat food! :throwup:)
  4. Okay, here is my list already!

    Magenta First and coin purse
    BG Pink City or Twiggy
    Sage PT
    EB SGH Hobo

    And maybe more accessories! I'm going to be broke as a joke after next season!:p
  5. bubble gum accessory or first & perhaps a sky blue accessory!

    and then I'm retiring from the purse forum!
  6. a lot of saving coming up for me....hope i can make it till next season.

    i would like to add..

    BG Pink RH City
    Mageta wallet
    and some colour for Day style cos i've not got one yet..we'll see what the colours are like..but defo for BG Pink RH City.
  7. At this time I only have 1 purchase in my mind: Electric Blue Day
  8. I am all over a Magenta Work w/ RH!! A Sage green would be nice too, or.......:confused1: I'm an impulse shopper, I'll have to see what I can't live without when the time comes. :graucho:
  9. I change my mind everyday:

    For today it is.
    Mini coin purse in sky, electric, bbg, and magenta.
    New style Giant arena without name in bubblegum with GGH
    Day bag in magenta
    New Style in Bubblegum or sky blue!

    Lets do the math that is about $3K hmm I might have to sell a kindney......:p
  10. I NEED an Electric Blue PT with SGH. :nuts:
  11. In my fantasies, I'll be able to get (afford):

    Coin purses in both pinks and both blues
    Magenta SGH or the Gunmetal Hardware (if available) City
    Vert Thyme First
    Sky Blue Twiggy
    Bubblegum Step with GGH

    In reality, I'll probably just get a few coin purses baring a job offer for which I will have to celebrate and award myself with a gift!
  12. EB twiggy/city with SGH
    Magenta twiggy/city with SGH
    Bubblegum twiggy/city
  13. I am planning on going for:

    Electric Blue twiggy (or I'll take a city depending on stock)
    Bubblegum pink or magenta (whichever one is in that sneak picture we saw) city/step

    I am curious about sage too!

    And if sky blue really looks that turquoise-y then I'll grab that!
  14. Just 2 for now...:rolleyes:

    Electric Blue Work RH
    BG either PT or Work, of course RH for moi!

    ....and perhaps some accessories?? I don't know yet!
  15. Only one intention so far: Electric blue RH City, but magenta and bubble gum also look interesting.