Spill it... What have you been spending your Chloe Dollars on this Summer!

  1. Ok, time for confessions! Now that summer has come to an end, what have you been spending your hard-earned Chloe dollars on?:nuts:

    I'll start.... I have been a very bad girl this summer. I even had to sell a few Chloes to get this, but alas, I was swept off my feet and just had to! So my Chloe sisters, let me introduce you to my 32cm Kelly Gold in Vache Liegee. I love it, and hope to get a birkin soon, but I definitely still have my eyes on that capsule paddy! Damn I need to win the lottery:p

    So, what have you been buying?
    Picture 058.jpg
  2. In addition to my Chloes.....

    I got a YSL Muse O/S , MJ Adina, and a Coach Pewter Daphne on its way...Very excited about the Daphne, have been lusting it forever...will post pic when I get her. But here is the MJ Adina...

    Am waiting for the LV Murakami exhibit to open and will get a coin pouch to match my pandas.
  3. A ton of older Chloe items (bags, wallets, jewellery, clothes) from eBay and other clothing. :biggrin:

    Designer knitwear seems to be a new(ish) passion. :yes:
  4. Hey, we need some pics of those goodies chloehandbags!!!
  5. yeah, pics. Especially the vintage Chloe's. I got one and gave it to my mom and she loves it.
  6. BUSTED!!! Buying Balenciaga and LV...; Tempted by Hermes...
    Jag - gorgeous Kelly!!! I saw your thread about her over on the orange side!

    But...I still love my paddies!!!
  7. I've been a bad girl !!! Lurking around the fendi subforum to long bought a zucca spy:graucho:! She is a beauty I must say....
  8. :true: Me, too!:busted

    1. Dior Trotter Romantique Boston bag:hrmm:
    2. Juicy Couture pool/beach bag :beach:
    3. Jimmy Choo Biker Ring Hobo:yahoo:
    4. Fendi Zucca/Nappy Spy:love:
  9. layney - love that quote!
  10. My latest loves, speedy 30 and 25 :love:
  11. :drool:

    How many Chloe's went into this beauty, Jag? Atleast two that I can remember?!

    I have no bags to share...

    Did buy one of these though...


    I'd rather have a bag though. :crybaby:
  12. Pretty!! :yahoo:
  13. Balenciaga first and shoulder :love: IMG_3316.jpg