Spiders vs Snakes. What are you more afraid of?

  1. Spiders. They ALL scare the hell out of me, even the harmless daddy long legs.

    Snakes are wicked cool, although if I saw a great big poisonous one I'm sure I might be a bit scared. But I wouldn't jump out of the shower and run screaming for my brother to smash a snake like I do with spiders.
  2. Hmm...scared of both tbh..not easy for me to pick but I guess Spiders freak me out much more :s
  3. ewww.... gross to both! :yucky:
  4. Snakes don't bother me, spiders scare the hell out of me though!!!!
  5. eeewwww both scary... may i add rats and cockroaches too on my "eeewww" animal list? :p
  6. i'd say i'm more afraid of spiders... the really big ones, that is.

    in college, one of my friend's housemates had a pet snake... after i held it, i wasn't so afraid anymore. but of course, i'm still afraid of the huge snakes.
  7. I think snakes, I can outrun a spider.
  8. gross to both but I have to say spiders, as snakes do not make surprise appearances in my house here unlike spiders.
  9. Neither one really bothers me. I think spiders are pretty cool.

    But cockroaches terrify me!!!! And unfortunately I live in a state where they are really big, fly and are seriously disgusting. :sad:
  10. :yes: I feel the same way! Snakes and spiders do not bother me. When my brother moved in with me, 6 years ago, he brought his ball python. She is very nice and gentle. That's how I ended up with 2 rats (her meals.) They were great as well! The only thing that makes us nervous is when she goes 'on vacation', meaning we cannot find her in the apartment.

    We grew up in Texas, and are very happy to be away from cockroaches.
  11. cockroaches << i would sell all my bags for a guarantee that i wont see one of those ever LOL

    snakes are fine .. spriders im soo used to them LOL
  12. SNAKES!!!!! Without a shadow of a doubt. I am petrified of snakes.

    Someone tried to put one on me several years ago and I couldn't breathe. It's THAT bad for me.

    Spiders I just step on. No big deal.
  13. Spiders! Bugs period!!
  14. Spiders! Daddy long legs scare the life out of me too :push:
  15. A little trivia... daddy long legs are actually one of the most poisonous spiders in the world, however, their fangs are to tiny and weak to puncture skin.

    For me, neither. Bugs are bugs...no biggie. Although given that I live in Fla and I've been around water most of my life, the possibilty of coming up on a cottonmouth (water moccassin) is a def possibilty. Luckily when I have come across them, I wasn't close enough to be in any real danger. I'm sure if a snake slithered out in front of me I'd be a bit apprehensive for that reason.