Spider Veins, has anyone has them erased?

  1. Not sure if this goes in the beauty section but I have a few on my legs & they really bother me just wondering if anyone has had them removed with laser & if it hurts & how are the results?
  2. My mom had several removed by saline injection. She said it was nothing and she was satisfied with the results.
  3. A girlfriend of mine had the saline injections as well - didn't get all of them but the ones they did she was happy with.
  4. I recently had laser treatment for spider veins. It hurt like the dickens and has remained bruised for the last six weeks or so, although it's lessening with time. I understand it may take more than one treatment so I may go back for more laser. I did the laser because my neighbor is the doc that performs it. I do kind of wish I had investigated saline because it might be faster and less painful. Let us know what you decide.
  5. ^^^
    I've had two laser treatments and I need some more. Mine didn't really hurt that much, also my dr. said that bruising only occurs if they use a higher amount of light, so they did a lower amount and it was only a little red for a day or two.
  6. I thought the laser would actually hurt less than the saline but I guess not
  7. I had some little ones on the sides of my nose. My dermatologist lasered them a couple of times. I am fairly satisfied, but they didn't all go away.
  8. I think some of my spider veins were in rather larges masses and dark so maybe that is why the laser was at a higher level and consequently hurt. It's good to know that you can have it done and not be uncomfortable. Like I said I still have some brusing but should go have some touchups.
  9. once you get them laser is that it - or do you have to keep going back for "touch ups"?