Spider egg hatched in bedroooooom :( :(

  1. Has this ever happened to anyone else? There's a zillion tiny spiders in my BEDROOOM. I've been up until 4:30 now cleaning and rearranging... they're all near my bed too, that's where I keep finding them.
    Although I'm sure I found the egg or nest, which was behind my TV. I'm so happy I didn't bother to paint my room in the end as I posted about that too, long story short.

    It is so unpleasant.

    Anyone else have to deal with this before? Do they go away quickly? I keep vacuuming them up but it's like there's one and then another one and then another one. I want to go to bed but it's too unpleasant... the birds outside are already awake =\
  2. yikes that sounds disgusting. i would probably abandon my room!!!

    I hate spiders. :cursing:

    I hope you find a way to get them out!
  3. Can you put a bug bomb or something in there? I can't stand spiders too :push:
  4. Ahhhh!!! YIKES!!! Good luck getting rid of them!!!
  5. Arrrrrggggggggghhhhhhhhh!
    I would have died lol.
    I've seen this happen once before when I was a little girl....it totally freaked me out.

    Hopefully they will be gone soon!
  6. Here's something for ya..lol

  7. ^that one is a big one...:wtf: I will freak out if I see one in my room...but I do have some small spiders in my room and they just keep coming...dang my skin is itch now.
  8. Oh my...Im going to have nightmares now.

    Try an in house bomb. Wal-Mart has them...and they are open 24hrs! Run out and get one now!! haha
    Any idea what kind of spider?? This is pretty important...alot of spiders are poisonous and especially hard to kill. Go buy the best spider killing bomb and bomb them suckers!
  9. BTW...Im itchy all over now.
  10. I hate spiders!! I just read the Op's post and i've got goosebumps already.. then that ugly pic! hehe

    I'm so sorry to hear about this.. i would get a spray bomb and heaps of fly spray etc to kill those suckers.... umm... but i guess that would really be DH though
  11. OMG THAT SPIDER LOOKS HUGE!!! is that an egg that 's below?!?! i would seriously freak out!!!

    get a house bomb, buy CANS of insect spray and spray the whole freaking place and get some exterminator person .... billion hundred baby spiders would totally have me in a fit!!!
  12. I hate spiders! I think you're on the right track, though. Just keep sucking them up with the vacuum!
  13. I had the same thing happen in my bathroom. I just kept using my good ole' vaccum!
  14. OMG just move house it's the only answer

    Yuck that pic made me totally cringe!!
  15. oohh too scary! Good Luck!