Spicybags.com ... real, or not?

  1. Hi all!

    I am sorry if this has been posted alot...but does spicybags.com sell real coach? I am looking for a coach at a reasonable price...I dont know the first thing about authenticating them though. Any help, would be greatly appreciated:smile:

  2. No. They sell fakes. Sorry.
  3. and very bad fakes, at that. :yucky:
  4. Yup, very yucky fakes. Only Coach, Coach.com, Macys, and other select stores CAN sell real Coach (other than eBay).
  5. The disclaimer on their website says:

    All products are similar to theire respective brandnames unless specified otherwise. Although our products are comparable in style and quality to the original name brands, we DO NOT represent them to be original, nor do we represent that they are exact copies. Therefore, they do not violate any copyright laws. We simply ask consumers to compare the price along with style and quality to the above-mentioned name brands. Any reference to brand names or "inspired to" are made strictly for comparison purposes.:yucky:
  6. In the future, please ask authenticity questions about COACH in the COACH forum, thanks!
  7. sorry they are alll fake looks like they took pics from the Coach site and out them on there