Spicy Shoulder Bay!! i couldnt leave Saks without her!! :D

  1. Hellooooo sweet all!! :heart:

    OMG what have i done!! l:huh::huh:ool.. i was supposed to meet my friends for dinner in the mall..:balloon: while waiting for them i went to Saks!! they had 40% off everything!!
    so.. i went straight to the chloe section and tried some bags.. when i reached this i went crazy!! i went extreeeeeeeeemely crazy!! i couldnt take my eyes off it!! and how comfy and beautiful it was!! it screamed i am such a gorgeous everyday bag!! *pick me!!* :tender:

    aaaa.. so while i was *awwwwing* trying the bag infront of every single mirror hehehehe!! my friends arrived while i was glued to the chloe section! :whistle:

    my soul mate friend agreed it was a WOW deal on such a beautiful bay!! (dare her say the opposite anyways!! hehehe)

    and i i i i i i toooooooooook her!!! OMG girlz the color is so amazing i cant describe how much i love it!!
    the color's name: Epice.. which is Spice. Hot Hot Hot!! the perfect spicy red!! and the style is the Bay Shoulder non quiltied Bag.. a rectangular shaped bay.. that has long handles for comfy shoulder fit!!
    the size is perfect for my work/shopping/everyday use!! :love:

    i was bad influence..:death: i introduced my friend (whom isnt a bag addict by the way!!) to a cute orange baby paddy.. she went nuts over it!! and promised to come back to pick it up soon!! hehehe

    hope u enjoy the pics :flowers:

  2. ahem.. i heard you want more pics hehehe
    here you go : )

    without flash!!


    with flash!!




    spice2.jpg spice3.jpg spice4.jpg spice5.jpg spice6.jpg
  3. Your bag is beautiful... Well done... Enjoy her!
  4. OMG That bag is GORGEOUS! We need modelling pics, Stat! You must be delighted!
  5. Whoa you're helping me allot here! I'm getting this color in the med quilted Bay mid January! I agree the color is fabulous, always thought so.

    You did good. How much was the final cost? I love your bag!
  6. Wow, that bag is beautiful, love the leather, looks so comfy to carry, and the color, TDF.
  7. Oh Susie! - Vanilla's bag is just so gorgeous. I think I am loving epice as a color. Good job Vanilla!!
  8. Whoa!!! ...what a beauty:tup:. Congratulations!...modellings pics asap please:smile:.
  9. Wow...I love it!!! Can't believe it was 40% off...you are so lucky!!!!
  10. Beautiful! I'm loving it!!:heart:
    Which Saks, do you mind telling? Did they have other sale bags?
  11. awwwww many thanks dear all for all your lovely comments!! :love:
    sweet all i am so sorry about the modeling pics part :shame: do execuse me..
    about where i bought it from.. my local Saks. which is in Saudi Arabia, Riyadh City :flowers:
    i got it for almost 850 US dollars after the 40% discount..:jammin:
    they had the same bag in grey.. black.. and i think a light brown one..
    they had also two bowling quitled bays in light grey and i believe it was tan or light brown
    they also had some non quilted bays with twisted handles.
    and then they had an Elvire in dark brown (moka sort of).. and some other colors i cant remember cause i wasnt nuts about the style sorry :sweatdrop:
    and also they had large paddies.. three of them.. there was this dark turq. one.. and i think a grey.. the third color i cant recall sorry!!
    they had baby paddies.. in orange.. a white cream color.. and a metalic sort of silver one.
    they had also some other paddington bags in different styles in black..
    and i recall a very large orange paddy in a style with pocket in front.
    mmm they had three paddington clutches (i recall red). and then also they had key chains (paddy style and some other).
    hope this helps sweet all :love:
  12. Congrats - that Bay bag is beautiful!!
  13. Love this color! Congrats!
  14. OMGOSH! Another source with discounts!!! I wonder if they ship internationally? Usually this question gets asked to sources in the US. Now the bag is on the other arm - shall we say! I am wondering about a large orange front pocket Paddy? Or the dark turquoise one? We need to figure out how to email them?!
  15. I LOVE that bag!! :nuts:It would have been a terrible, awful tragic mistake for you to have left it behind at Saks.... you absolutely did the right thing!

    That red bay is the best bag Chloe made in '07 in my humble opinion! (There should be an award!):p