Spicy Food!!!

  1. Anyone here love spicy food? I just LOVE spicy food. So food like Indian, Ethiopian, Thai, and Szechwan are right down my alley. Anyone else here like spicy food?

    Uhm yeah, I'm hungry again ... forgot to have lunch.
  2. me too spicy hot
  3. LOVE spicy! The hotter the better!!!
  4. Spicy food makes you feel FULL and boost your metabolism. Great way to not overeat and lose the extra pounds.
  5. I love spicy food!! Especially the kind they have in Szechuan..and Korean food..and Taiwanese..yum!!
  6. I like some things spicy. My friends were getting on me the other day because I was dipping my crab meat into Old Bay seasoning. If you know anything about MD crabs, they are already covered in Old Bay. But that's on the outside of the crab, not the inside.
  7. I love spicy food!! My fav spicy food has to be Mexican. Out here in Arizona we get really good authentic Mexican food. It's soooo good!
  8. Ooh count me in! I love Thai green curry and tom yam soup.
  9. checking in!!! i love thai, mexican and indonesian spicy food. i can't take too much of it coz i will get a terrible throat after.
  10. I Love spicy food! Mostly anything southwest or mediterranean in nature...
  11. Love Indian food especially!
  12. Oh,yes:yes: I love Thai and Malaysian:love:spicy food
  13. Love love spicy food!!!
  14. I'm the odd one out..I like a little kick. But I don't love spicy hot food at all..I can't stand having my mouth feel like it's on fire & my nose starts to run.
  15. What is the spiciest food you ladies have tried? I think I've become desensitized to spicy food ... Too much habanero can do that to you.:Push: