Spice girls world tour.. anybody going?

  1. Anybody managed to get tickets for the tour? they went on sale to the lucky ones who got through the ballot today!

    i got 6 for London WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!:yahoo::nuts::yahoo:

    im SOOOOOO excited! and just as excited about seeing harrods all lit up with christmas lights and ahhhhhhh its going to be AMAZING!!! christmas shopping a week before christmas in london! WOW!!!

    good luck to all those who wanted tickets xx
  2. Sorry i don't know!
  3. :sad: No emails yet, my fingers are crossed!
  4. i heard that tickets sold out in 38 seconds or something crazy like that!!
  5. yeah, i heard the same...
  6. i think they did for the opening london night, but i got tickets for the night after and managed to get 6 just fine, about 2/3pm english time, the tix went on sale at 9 i think! so...!

    SOOOOOOOOOO excited! ahhhhhhhhh
  7. I got tickets for Toronto I'm sooo excited!
  8. I got 5 tickets for london too!! I cant wait! It is going to be the most amazing show ever! What date are u going?? I am goin on the 16th of jan! They have added so many more dates for the UK now though!
  9. WOW Great news Hannah, i'm sooooo pleased for you! I registered but haven't heard anything, boohoo!
    Enjoy yourself, it's going to be amazing!
  10. I'm going to the Toronto Feb 4th show...I wish the concert was sooner because I'm so excited!
  11. I'm going to see their show on Feb 13!!!!! I'm sooooo excited!!!!
  12. starting off their tour in vancouver!!! :smile:
  13. does anyone know if they are going to sing their old songs or do they have new ones?
  14. I'm going to see them on Feb 10th! I can't wait!
  15. im not sure but i think for the most part they are going to be singing their old songs (Which are just fine with me!) and maybe 2 new songs?