Spice Girls perform onstage at the O2 Arena in London 2007-12-15

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  4. What is that!!?? :confused1: That CAN'T be real!!
  5. I found it at an other fashion page..When i look clooser i think it looks edited.. none of the other photos looks like that
  6. It just looks like her top is too tight.

    I *fixed* it so it's less painful to look at...lol.
  7. ^ haha good one!!
  8. and p.s. they still look great...I am sure that was put online to make fun of them....VB is fantastic!

  9. One of her implants sprung a leak. :whistle:
  10. They all look fab but I think VB's corset is on just a little too tight, maybe?
  11. VB got back fat and camel toe. Plus the strings on the corset are holding on for dear life over the implants. Such a hot mess! Loves it!!!!

  12. Omgoodness I Feel Bad....It Looks Horribly Painful. VB Does Look Very Much Like She Did 10 Years Ago!!!
  13. I adore VB but her boobs in these costumes are out of control! LOL! Also camel toes are never in fashion...
  14. is that real?? wow.. how is that possible??
  15. I was there and they were great...much better than I thought!

    It was really strange to see VB on stage, so much more than the other girls as she has this certain image now....she did look like she was really enjoying herself though