Spice Girls NEW VIDEO - Headlines........OMG!!


Jul 26, 2006
i didn't get them when they first came out, and i still can't get them till now...

I agree. They were so cheesy, remember how they were always giving the peace sign and sayin "girl power?" And now all of a sudden they are making a big deal of the "reunion." To each their own, I guess.


Dec 27, 2005
I think they will always have a fan base. I was not a fan when they were the Spice Girls with their act....but I think as they got older they actually sound good. Not rushing out to buy their Cd but it just shows you that a classy video can be made wearing less clothing versus trash like Britney does. I think their tour will be a success and it shows that they were more successful a group and really did not make it on their own.