Spice Girls kick off world tour with splashy concert in Vancouver

  1. Mon Dec 3, 3:19 AM

    By Cassandra Szklarski, The Canadian Press

    VANCOUVER - It may have been roughly 10 years since the Spice Girls ruled the charts, but the Brit quintet proved they still have plenty of kick Sunday when they launched their comeback tour with a spectacular show crammed with hits and kitschy performances that played off their concocted personas and their fans' unabashed nostalgia.

    The inaugural concert, some two hours long, came off more like a giant dance party, exploding in glittering confetti following a night of near-continuous screaming from a young, largely female audience, many of them dressed up like the famous quintet.

    It was a triumphant return to the stage for Sporty, Scary, Baby, Ginger and Posh, who several times seemed stunned by the appreciative audience, who waved glow sticks and cameras and remained on their feet for the entire show.

    "You've treated our first time very, very, well," Ginger, a.k.a. Geri Halliwell, said in one of few addresses to the audience in the highly scripted show.

    "We love Vancouver!" Scary shouted to screams of delight from the crowd.

    The show started with a trio of decades-old hits - "Spice Up You're Life," "Stop" and "Say You'll Be There" - with many audience members readily jumping into the campy choreographed routines the girl band made famous in its music videos.

    When they took to the multi-level stage with a crew of 10 male dancers, the Spice Girls sparkled in gold and bronze outfits by Italian designer Robert Cavalli, with Posh, a.k.a. Victoria Beckham, donning the shiniest fabric for a corseted number and Ginger baring the most flesh in a thigh-high mini.

    Scary showed off her ample bosom in a low-cut animal print, Sporty was typically athletic in a beige-coloured matte fabric while Baby's mostly taupe-coloured dress flowed around an empire waist.

    Later in the evening, Ginger donned a sequined version of her famous Union Jack dress.

    Fans wondering whether Posh sings can rest assured that she does, sort of. She takes the mic several times throughout the show to sing her solo parts, albeit relatively few and far between.

    The loudest screams were reserved for Ginger's solo rendition of "It's Raining Men," and the encore performance of the band's breakthrough hit, "Wannabe."

    Among the 15,000-plus audience members was Posh's famous husband David Beckham, who arrived mere hours before the show and gave each member of the group a special bracelet to mark their return.

    Backstage before the show, the band said they were excited and nervous about their big night.

    "It is scary, going back into something where you're not sure how people are going to take you and so, we just feel so lucky," said Baby, a.k.a. Emma Bunton.

    "We really hoped we'd have a great response but we have been completely overwhelmed by the response," added Sporty, a.k.a. Melanie Chisholm. "It's been incredible. We're really, really grateful to all of our fans for that."

    The Brit band hasn't toured together since 1999, and various members have since weathered a slew of tabloid scandal, weight battles and alleged spats.

    Although Halliwell left the group in 1998, Chisholm dismissed the notion that there was any tension among the Spices.
    "You know what, so much time has passed, so much water has gone under the bridge, it's just great to all be back together," said Chisholm.
    The band has been in Vancouver since Friday, and some members said they had stolen a few moments to explore the city.
    Wearing a cream-coloured sweater dress, Halliwell said she took her daughter Bluebell to Stanley Park on Sunday morning to see the snow, while Beckham said she had sampled some of the city's sushi.
    "We all feel so lucky," Bunton said before the concert.
    "We have been through amazing experiences. We looked at each other yesterday and went, guess what? We're the Spice Girls, you know what I mean? It's a fabulous thing and we love it."
    The only other Canadian stop for the Spice Girls is in Toronto on Feb. 3 and 4.
    VANCOUVER - The Spice Girls kicked off their reunion tour Sunday in Vancouver. A look at the setlist:
    "Spice Up Your Life"
    "Say You'll Be There"
    "Headlines" (Friendship Never Ends)
    "Lady Is A Vamp"
    "Too Much"
    "2 Become 1"
    "Who Do You Think You Are" (extended) (featuring Victoria)
    "Are You Gonna Go My Way" (featuring Mel B)
    "Maybe" (featuring Emma)
    "Viva Forever"
    "It's Raining Men" (featuring Geri)
    "I Turn To You" (featuring Melanie)
    "Let Love Lead The Way"
    Celebration Medley
    Humpty Dance (Dance Segue) / If U Can't Dance
    "Spice Up Your Life" (Reprise)

  2. awww!! That's so nice of David, what a sweet gesture :love:

    I cant wait to see them tomorrow!!! :nuts:
  3. Recycled Spice! Geri brings back the Union Jack as 'Golden Girls' kick off world tour

    Last updated at 21:31pm on 3rd December 2007

    As they burst on stage singing Spice Up Your Life in their retro outfits, it could have been 1997 all over again.

    Provided, that is, that you closed your eyes. Time has had a dramatic effect on the Spice Girls formerly known as Posh, Ginger, Baby, Sporty and Scary.

    In the years since they split, there have been three husbands, seven children and one divorce - not to mention surgical enhancements. And while most of us have put on a few pounds in the past ten years, Victoria Beckham, Geri Halliwell and Melanie Chisholm are a mere shadow of their former selves.

    Emma Bunton remains her slender self while only Melanie Brown appears larger than she used to - thanks to hours spent working out for the U.S. TV show Dancing With The Stars. The return of the Famous Five happened in Vancouver, where more than 15,000 fans were reduced to a hysterical frenzy at the first official performance of the Spice Girls' comeback tour.

    There were eight costume changes as they performed 22 numbers, accompanied by a troupe of semiclad male dancers. Designer Roberto Cavalli had faithfully recreated some of the most memorable looks from their early days, adding a glamorous twist on outfits such as 35-year- old Geri's Union Jack dress by adding rhinestones and Swarovski crystals.

    But while a younger Miss Halliwell struggled to stop her curves from bursting out of the skimpy frock at the Brit awards in 1997, this time she had to keep yanking it up to stop it falling off. Victoria's husband David flew in from his football team's tour of New Zealand, presenting each of the women with a gold bracelet beforehand as a good-luck charm.

    All five performed a solo singing spot - with one notable exception. Instead of putting her voice to the test, Posh opted for a dance routine. The five had all been criticised for failing to sing live in the run-up to the weekend performance, despite staging two earlier warm-up gigs.

    Yesterday, their spokesman said they had sung on stage - albeit with the aid of click track, a device which kicks in to bolster their performance when their voices fail. Critics were largely unimpressed. Marsha Lederman, of the Canadian Globe and Mail, said: "Posh Spice looked uncomfortable in her tightlycorseted outfits and carefully coiffed hair, which she spent a fair amount of time clearing from her face.

    "Her dance moves were stiff and at one point at least she started to sing a line before it was time."
    The reunited five stand to make £60million from the tour, a greatest hits album and a raft of marketing deals. They play their first UK date next week at London's O2 arena.


    What a difference a decade makes: Geri now struggles to fill out her dress

    Spice world: Sporty, Scary and Baby kept true to their 1990s personas

    Straight to the point: the girls performed their classic hits, as well as their new track Headlines

    Midas touch: the group's costumes were designed by Roberto Cavalli

    Colourful: the Spice Girls belted out their hits - and frequently changed costumes during the two-hour set
    geriJackdateG0312_468x529.jpg 03spiceES_468x372.jpg spicegirls2PA_468x362.jpg spicegirlsSPLIT_468x609.jpg 05spiceLL_468x230.jpg
  4. Primary colours: Posh and Mel B get into the spirit

    Walk on the wild side: Ginger Spice reaches new heights

    Shake it out: Geri, who kept to a strict fitness regime before the tour, put her body to the test

    Kinky Spice: the girls made sure the back up dancers worked hard for their money

    Dark side: brunette Posh worked her new look
    spicegirls2SPLASH_468x514.jpg spicegirls11SPLASH_468x614.jpg spicegirls9SPLASH_468x450.jpg spicegirls6SPLASH_468x351.jpg spicegirls8SPLASH_468x623.jpg
  5. Posh looks...buff. LOL

    They all look great though!
  6. Camera ready: Posh treats the stage like a catwalk

    Hippy: Victoria grew curves thanks to Cavalli's designs

    S&M: Posh and Mel B in black leather, backed by male dancers

    Sparkling: the girls had eight costume changes throughout the show
    spicegirls10SPLASH_468x431.jpg spicegirls12SPLASH_468x497.jpg 05spice1LL_468x275.jpg spicegirls5SPLASH_468x397.jpg
  7. I love all the pictures. Thanks for posting this!! I am a big fan and always will be!! they all looked great out there
  8. Oh my God! I found a video clip of the performance and I'm singing along, and I got teary watching a bit of them singing Stop!
  9. Some more . . . .
    1272303334-spice-girls.jpg 2013906932-spice-girls-kick-reunion-tour-vancouver.jpg 189549734-geri-halliwell-spice-girls-performs-group-kicks-reunion-tour-vancouver.jpg 2102751229-spice-girls-kick-reunion-tour-vancouver.jpg 2397130001-victoria-beckham-spice-girls-performs-group-kicks-reunion-tour-vancouver.jpg
  10. Emma

    I know, I know, I posted it before, but you have to see it with the full effect. (God Bless the Union Jack!)
    423-a.jpg 422-a.jpg
  11. I would so love to see them live!
  12. Great pics! I know Emma is the youngest but in a weird way I can relate to her the most b/c she has a pretty realistic body type and we're built kinda (kinda!) the same way...solid but with curves, baby!

    Thanks for the thread, caitlin!
  13. Awesome pictures!! I wanted to go sooo badly but tickets sold out too fast : ( Sounds like it was such a fun concert though!!
  14. I loved VB's catwalk!!!
  15. Awesome pics! I really like the costumes that Roberto Cavalli made for them. The girls look gorgeous!!!