Spice Girls are coming to me first! :)

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  1. I am not interested in their concrete but they do all look amazing.
  2. I wasn't at first but my boyfriend said if I wanted to relive my childhood we can go together! :biggrin:

    I think it would be fun to hear Wannabe again. haha
  3. My hubby and I want to take our daughter.

    I think Mel C, Emma and Geri look amazing in this photo. VB can't even smile in this - OMG her pouting really annoys me! Mel C looks the best - her face is beautiful!
  4. They do look nice............I love VB's hair cut, very edgy!!! Wish I could wear my hair like that!!!!
  5. They look great!!! Wish I could see them...
  6. they all look great!
  7. Ohh I know. I have this secret urge to go but think I will be too prego (i.e. too fat and lazy)... I think the Vegas show would be so much fun. The other day I downloaded the songs from iTunes... so cheesy, but such a guilty pleasure. I felt the need to dress up and lip synch with the fake microphone like the good ol' days!!!
  8. WOW! They look amazing! Emma is simply stunning! I would love to see them in concert!!!!
  9. I LOVE them! I am registered for tickets in Vegas & NYC...hubby says no way...but bleh to him...I"m going!
    I really wish they would come to Chicago though....guess I gotta vote!