Spiaggia's Arrive in S'pore - FINALLY!

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  1. :yahoo: Spiaggia's have finally arrived in Singapore! They just unpacked them at Isetan Scotts today! Good thing my mum passed by and checked this afternoon. And she bought me a Mamma Mia! I havent seen it yet though since she hasn't come home. But I trust that my remote instructions via cell phone while multitasking in office cuby were enough to get one with a good print:P

    Not to mention, she later threw in a L'amour Dolce! Too cool....Just a tip. Apparently, the second item gets a 10% discount, on top of the 5% for Isetan card owners...

    To all Singapore Toki Fans - Go get yours!!!
  2. Yay!! congrats Ditsy Doll!! :yahoo:Wow your mom is super-nice to help you get a bag and then to help you with print placement on top of that? Too cool.

    Ahh and you get a discount on a second item? very nice!
  3. Actually, the spiaggia has been around for about 2 weeks now at the airport and DFS Scotts. :yes: Thought you would have known as we posted this info on this thread http://forum.purseblog.com/tokidoki-and-lesportsac/tokidoki-lovers-in-singapore-128292-3.html.

    I initially picked a MM at the airport outlet and had them hold it for a couple of days as I was not exactly thrilled with the placement (the best there was then). Anyway, I was late in getting back to them and they sold it! :crybaby: In the end, I got my MM later on from the DFS Scott store (who also manages the airport outlet).Crazygirl got her stellina from there too. We both paid $225 (me got airport staff discount and crazygirl got someone with a VIP discount card).

    How much did you pay for your MM in the end? Pls send us pics. :yes: I am sure your bag would look fabulous since you mum were among the first to pick it out for you. Lucky girl!!;)
  4. That's a great Mom!! My mother would have told me about them just to taunt me, then spent 30 minutes giving me a lecture about how I should be saving for my retirement instead of buying purses.
  5. you're so lucky to have a mom thats willing to do that! my mom would SPAZ OUT everytime i told her/she spotted a new toki on me -___- i'm waiting on 2 spiaggia MMs from Nordstrom to arrive so i can pick print placements too! cant wait cant wait!

    and yes, please post pics guys! i'd love to see what your spiaggias look like! :biggrin:
  6. Congratz! and ur mom is soooo nice!

    cant wait for the pics as well :graucho:
  7. DitsyDoll: wow your mom's really cool :tup:
    Spiaggia was on out in Isetan/Metrojaya here like two weekends ago too
    Congrats on the new bag!
  8. Ditsy Doll: wow lucky you! your mum's so cool (2 tokis!!)... i bet she'd have the BEST print placement for you, since isetan scotts just launched spiaggia yesterday! please post your pics. :yes:

    as mytokiluv mentioned, spiaggia has been launched at DFS scotts and airport for about 2 weeks now... but new at isetan scotts and not available over other LSS counters yet.

    i couldn't resist and popped by isetan scotts this evening just too SEE the range over there... hehehe.. lovely! actually spiaggia looks really great on MMs... next time (for other prints) i want another MM, bambinone, bambino too.

    mytokiluv: so you did get a MM in spiaggia afterall? last thursday? :graucho: show us please!
  9. I din think of DFS at all! but it's okie, all's well=) I actually prefer the BV placement, but already hv BV Cita. Plus MM is going to be phased out, so I thought I'd better buy it.

    Will try and get down to pics...I don't have much of a life really, cos I work looooooong hrs.....which is why the mum is so essential=) I do lots of remote control shopping thro her!

    I'm just getting my brother in US to order me an 8 inch Meomi from qeester=)

    Mytokiluv - I paid about $240+ for MM. Not too bad...but any staff discounts would hv been fantastic! Actually, I cld hv shipped stuff to my bro, but tradeoff would have been placement, and waiting a loooong time before his next trip back home!
  10. ditsy doll : paying S$240+ is not too bad for the MM. :okay: My work hours are kinda long too. So online shopping is both a boon and a bane for me (especially when it comes to toki shopping):s How many toki bags do you have in your collection? Would love to see them.:yes: BTW, I also saw a 8" tokidoki bear at the airport outlet and it was like selling for more than S$100+! I shall just be satisfied with my teeny little toki bear that comes with the bags.:P

    Oh yes, here are the pics of my spiaggia MM...

    I had like only 4 pieces to choose from at DFS and this is the best of the lot. I guess it's OK since it's got most of the beach and ocean scene. Only thing is the pretty girl in yellow bikini can only be found on the bottom and both sides. It would have been great for someone who are not into the toki girls.:tup:

    I am considering returning the bag to pay for a paradiso and foresta BVs that I am getting. And it's so tempting to order a paradiso MM from the Southampton outlet like crazygirl did. It's quite a good steal. But then I do not want to have 2 bags of the same print. Maybe I should get a MM in tutti (since likely there won't be anymore MM for vacanze! Aargh! Decisions, decisions!!!:confused1: Can anyone help me decide?

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  11. mytokiluv~ congrats on ur spiaggia MM; love the beach scene..MM looks like a really good size!!

    stoopid qn, but how do we order from the Southampton outlet from Sg?
  12. birki : thanks but I am quite likely to return it unless someone out here wants it :graucho:. Somehow the spiaggia didn't do what the foresta/ paradiso/ pirata did to me :nuts: even though I gather there are a lot of toki fans out here who :heart: this print. The MM would be quite a good size for me to pack in my baby's pampers, change of clothes, water and some snacks plus my skinny wallet, phone, keys and lotsa tissue, though I have yet to use one. :nogood: As for ordering from SH, someone posted the email here -(shampton@lesportsac.com) and I reckon we can get them to divert to the Vpost USA address before sending back here (which is how I am getting my toki bags off ebay):P
  13. mytokiluv~ somehow i feel the same way abt spiaggia too...my ultimate fave prints are still the original and FORESTA! lolx too much going on for spiaggia but nevertheless still cute-ness!

    i'm kinda paranoid about ordering through Vpost now..grrrr having problems with Vpost Japan -__-" totally draining me out...
  14. birki : I was just going to ask you about your foresta zucca. Hopefully you can sort things out with Vpost and get it soon.:hrmm: That is really a good buy considering it is soo hard to find. Talking about Vpost, I must say their customer service sucks. Everytime I email them, they sent me this standard auto reply and I never hear from them about my query. Weird! :s

    P/S Noticed you changed your avatar. You like pigs? :yes: It reminds me of the first soft toy my DH got me when we were dating. :girlsigh:
  15. mytokiluv~ hehe ya! i love piggies ^(oo)^ oiink
    i think my excitement of finding a foresta zucca have blinded me from the perils of ordering from a website which i can't read lolx...japan side seem to have sent out the bag last wk but unfortunately they have sent to the WRONG ADDY!!! arghhhh despite me sending them 2 emails on the address. But luckily this lady from Vpost have been helpful so far *tearing hair*