spiaggia's are here!

  1. They got an "unexpected" shipment about an hour ago at Pulse!! I'm just waiting for the photos of my bags to be sent to me so I can decide if I want them or not (also thinking about my current and sudden OVERHEATED car that needs repair)... :sad:
  2. Really? I just asked Casey if she can send me a pic of what the print actually looks like. If you get it maya can you show us?
  3. oh snap! that's sooo fast!
  4. ooo! im excited to see what the new styles and the full print looks like!!
  5. Casey is sending out my zucca and (previously waitlisted) denaro today!! :yahoo: I opted out of the BV because I already have three... and even though I'd like it, I need money for my car. :crybaby:
  6. :wtf: really???? i really want to see pics of the print! please post pictures when you get them! lol
  7. wow.. that means my card is gonna get charged soon! YIKES!!! i better juggle my bills around. HAHAHA...

    But were you able to see your print placement?
  8. someone list their number... I need to see it lol

    edit: just called... she says they're emailing out a pic of the ciao ciao to everyone who ordered so people can see it! :yahoo: I don't know if my card can handle $184 right now tho :shocked:

    also any news from other stores? like macys, Nordstrom, etc??
  9. YES YES!! Please show us pictures!!!! :nuts:
  10. Here is my zucca and denaro. She didn't send me a photo of the back of my zucca, but I don't really care about the backs of any of my tokidoki's.

    And I went into my bank account to transfer some money into my checking for my debit card, and lo and behold I got one of my tax returns today. Yay!!!
    spiaggiazucca.jpg spiaggiadenarofront.jpg spaiggiadenaroback.jpg
  11. omg, those are adorable. the print looks a lot different (better) than that blurry spiaggia print on the japan lesportsac site.
  12. OMG SO CUTE! ahhh I want it! but I'm wondering if I should get a different style now... I want the zucca but the print looks huge :shocked:
  13. :nuts: :nuts: :nuts: OMG! i LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!!!! :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:

    do you know if it is silver hardware (i think it's silver, but it's kinda hard to tell in yours pics. looks a little gold to me...) or what color the lining is???
  14. It looks silver to me.

    I really like it in the photo and everyone keeps talking about how much they love the zucca. Since our Hawaii LeSportsacs don't order the zucca at all, I thought I'd get it. But who knows, once I carry it on my shoulder I may not like it? I hope I do, though. My bf thought I should have different styles of bags other than primarily BV. But I'm sure it'd sell on e-bay if I really didn't like it in person...
  15. OMG so happy! I got it in a Zucca & a Stellina. Love it!