1. So how many of you are using a Spiaggia bag right now? I have been using my Spiaggia Gioco since I received it and it is my favorite, but I also have a brand new Pirata Zucca with tags still on that I received as a birthday present. I wasn't 100% thrilled with the bag, mainly because it seems huge on me, but I am wondering if it is time to retire the Spiaggia for the fall/winter season and give a different print/style a chance. Any thoughts?
  2. I would still use my spiaggia no matter what season it is. Well.. mainly because I'm in CA and it's always hot and sunny here. :p
    But Pirata on the other hand can be carried at anytime, amiright?
  3. If you're loving your spiaggia I say rock it no matter how cold it is outside
  4. I absolutely love it, but I think I am going to give my zucca a day to see what I think about it. I have been on the fence since I received it, but I was that way with the spiaggia gioco when I got it too! LOL! I feel bad that it is just sitting there and hasn't been given a chance yet. But if I like it, I will start looking for a zucca in the spiaggia print!

    (And I am moving to LA in about 6 weeks so I can feel better about carrying the summery print out there as opposed to snowy Detroit!
  5. I just switched to my Spiaggia Stellina this week. Last week was Pirata Stellina
  6. I have a Spiaggia Campeggio I haven't used it yet though, but I do love the print. Here I am living in the middle of snow country mind you but I don't think that matters. But I am sorta feeling how you do right now...been using my Paradiso BV every day and I feel "on the fence" with my Spiaggia since I feel like it's kind of big. Oh well...maybe we should both try out our new bags and see how we feel. I am hunting for a cute zucca as well too.
  7. I haven't been using that, but it's because I've needed my Pirata BV to carry school stuff. I definitely still will though, what better to perk you up in the middle of freezing winter??
  8. Well, I use my Spiaggia bags a lot. I got them this summer, so I think it's nice because it's a great pick me up-- even in the fall. Plus in NYC, it was in the 80s today! If you're loving your bags-- that's good enough. Did you order any Vacanze bags? That would be pretty sweet for winter.
  9. I am using the Zucca right now, and I think I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!! I love my Gioco, too, but I am thinking a Spiaggia Zucca is now in order if I can find my perfect placement!
  10. I have a Spiaggia Bambinone that I absolutely adoooore :heart:33
  11. I was "eh" about Zuccas too, until I used one for the first time and I was like "OMG LOVE IT!!!" immediately afterwards.

    And I love Spiaggia and I'd rock it any time of year. I usually match to what I'm wearing though, so I'm less concerned about weather.
  12. Must control self. I don't NEED another bag. Must not buy another zucca. Must resist.

    (I am moving to LA in 6 weeks, and I need to save money).
  13. if you like the bag just wear it...who cares on the seasons, although it would be cool if you switchedto vacanze for the winter