1. We got Spiaggia in SH but we only got Bambino's and 1 trenino.
    Just wanted to let you guys know.
  2. Does anyone know the discount? 25% off or 40% off? Thanks!:yes:
  3. aww bummers... I was hoping for a dolce.

    and it's probably 25% off?
  4. Wow, I guess Spiaggia was a hit then if that's all that made it to the outlet :'( Oh well...see all that worrying and they didn't even get much hahahah.
  5. Wow, that's all that made it to outlet? I guess that really speaks to how popular the Tokidoki line has gotten for LeSportsac.
  6. I think it also has to do with the DailyCandy code wiping out LeSportsac.com stock :s
  7. Has anyone actually called them to find out the discount? Unfortunately they're closed right now, otherwise I'd call them myself.
  8. yea, the bambinos are 64.80.. so i'm guessing it's only 25%.
  9. That can't be right. A bambino is usually $108 so 25% off would be $81. Looks like that price is 40% off.
  10. Oh REALLY! I might have to call them tomorrow...

    BTW I called Seattle, no Spiaggia yet.
  11. ah, my bad. :smile:
  12. right, it is on 40% off, i got email from them.. too bad only 2 styles available :hrmm:

    Spiaggia 40% off the retail price....
    Bambino $64.80
    Trenino $178.80 only 1
  13. yea she said they had about 10.. she found one with some of the water scene for me, but then i looked at pics of bambinos and realized it would probably be too small to hold the part of the print that i want on there. :sad: