1. Heys Tokidoki Lovers!!!!

    I've gotten SOOOOO many e-mails about Spiaggia......

    We do not have it and I have no idea if we will get it.
    If we do.....I will let everybody know.

    Please do not call or e-mail us asking about Spiaggia. I will let you know once I know.
    Thanks guys!
  2. Thanks Lindz!!! You're the best!! :love:
  3. lol darn i thought this was news about it. :p
  4. aww I think the toki people are getting overly obsessive. Sorry to the SAs at SH for being impatient... I personally just want to know if you're getting dolces but I haven't called/emailed yet :p but thanks for the heads up so I wouldn't email hehe
  5. i hope spiaggia makes it to our outlet here in hawaii.
  6. I'm so glad my zucca and denaro have my perfect placement so I don't want anything else in Spiaggia...! Yay!
  7. Don't call or e-mail where??????
  8. Southampton ^^
  9. I think it was my call that put Lindsay over the edge. Sorry, Lindsay!
  10. haha, no it was probably me. i've been e-mailing here and there and even though i was sure they didn't have it yet i asked if they knew when they were expecting it.. i just wanted to be sure i'd be able to get the styles i want before they're gone.
  11. I feel bad 'cause I just e-mailed her 2 days ago...so SORRY!!
  12. *lol* Me too. It's nice to be "done" with prints.:yes:
  13. ah...i've got to get another one since i sold mine on lj lolz....
  14. haha same here Jess :p
  15. Am I the only one going nuts about this one? I called last week to check (felt a teensy bit bad about it) but it was the same response "we don't know when we'll get it" :crybaby: