1. This little preview was on Japan's LeSportsac site.. dont know if anyone else posted this yet..

    What do you guys think?


    very crowded beach.. :sweatdrop:
  2. That it's too little to see anything!! :p
  3. I think a bigger picture is needed, STAT! Honestly I won't decide if I want this print until there are better pictures available, it's just too hard to see detail.
  4. I thought it was too crowded too so I'm just gonna get it in a Ciao.
  5. Has anyone seen the actual print swatch floating around the internet? I'd post a photo but I keep hearing how LeSportsac keeps asking for their photos to be taken down... but for those have seen the swatches.. is it me or does the swatch print look so different from the ciaociao from the Japan LeSportsac page?
  6. Yeah, I saw it....but it a really small pic. I can't really see detail. I think I'm sticking with my Zucca for now.

  7. *cough* i actually have it saved. Anyways...idk if it looks different, than one is hard to see as well. :shrugs:
  8. Haha girl!! Same here!
  9. I agree. It looks different. Of course that could be partly due to the bad quality of the picture (at least the one I saw).

    I really am amazed there have been no other pictures. If you go back into tPF archive you can see pictures of Amore and Pirata from last fall, well before either were released.

    I understand not wanting to assist counterfeiters but at this point, if it is really supposed to be released in just a few weeks (I don't believe it) you'd think we'd be seeing SOMETHING!!
  10. They should give the real fans a stinking chance to see the print, that's what I think. THEY should be controlling their counterfeit problems...
  11. Yeah, you'd think with May coming up so soon they'd show something! But I guess they know that they've got us hooked...? Ah well!
  12. ahhhhhhhhhhh i'm having second thoughts again!!!! I Think I should cancel my preorder on it O__o