Spiaggia spotted in Macys, Nordstrom (OC)+20% off

  1. Guys!!! I snatched 4 Spiaggia today from Macys and Nordstrom in South Coast Plaza.

    Here is what I saw at Macys

    Zucca,Bella,Gioco,Stellina,Bambinone,Ciaociao, BV,Campeggio,Nuvoa,Scuola

    Apparently, they got them in on Monday or something.
    Here is the deal, Macys is having 20% off tomorrow if you pay $10 for "community donation" something like that. But 20% is ONLY tomorrow.

    At Nordstrom I saw Zucca,Gioco and the rest were Pirata.

    You Are able to go to Nordstrom and ask for the 20% too if you tell them Macy is having an event tomorrow.

    I just cant believe I got them. lol!!

    But Macys is horrible at keeping their stock nicely, I dont know why, but on some of them the brown straps show signs of wear, very lightly though.

  2. By the way, at Nordstrom, they have Spiggia in mama mia. its not on display, you have to ask them what else they have in stock, usually they will go back and check. This goes for Macys too.

    The gal that ran me up accidently gave me 40% off on one bag. haha......awesom!!!
  3. whoa 40% off wow!! congrats on such a great deal!
  4. but I am having difficult time in deciding whether to keep the Gioco pirata or the Spiaggia. I got the zucca Spiaggia too. I have the Amore in BV. They have the mama mia in Spiaggia. but i like zucca better. but spiaggia gioco is cute too. AUGH>>>.my head hurts from deciding....
  5. Congrats on the awesome deals! :smile:

    Wish I were on the mainland and not stuck on this island :sad: blah
  6. Whaaaaaaaaaat, they got spiaggia bellas? I thought they weren't making those for this print? OK, now I'm mad.
  7. yeah... I went on sunday close to closing during the sale and it was like a war zone :wtf: everything was everywhere there were bags on the ground, knocked off displays etc. so I'm not surprised that some of their bags had wear and tear on it :hrmm:

    jesseka... only pulse wasn't getting those bags. they have bellas and mamma mias but did we tell you that you needed to get a spiaggia bella in another thread?
  8. Our Ala Moana store is scheduled to get the bella, along with all the other current styles.
  9. well we have spiaggia bellas in our area...even corrieres! :biggrin:
  10. :sad: someone might have told me to get a spiaggia bella in another thread, but I thought they weren't make it so I probably ignored it. Oh well huh.
  11. yes they have bella spiaggia, but i only saw one. lol
  12. :sad: its ok, i wont be getting one anyway...ugh. It's OK, I'll just be happy with my bambino lolz.
  13. Damn, and I'd be happy to get a mm for full price. :sad:
  14. I want a Spiaggia Bella but all 4 of my local Macys didnt get them in )=
  15. You're in the Bay Area, right? I saw 2 spiaggia bellas at the SF Nordstrom on Market St. yesterday