Spiaggia Print

  1. :yes: THis print looks pretty cool. What do you guys think?
  2. Can't wait to see the bags IRL. So far from what I've seen it looks cute.
  3. i think its cute, but not a print for me :biggrin:
  4. So hard to tell from that one really small picture... i'm reserving judgment until I see a bigger picture
  5. Its cute, but the colors (dark blue and black) is just okay to me. I would really like to see a close up of the print. Ill most likely get it onsale, not regular.
  6. I'm really hoping it's a Hawaii beach scene instead of just a regular beach scene... I didn't really get to take a good look at the Spiaggia swatch, since it was taken down right after I viewed it once, and the other little photo of the ciao is way too small to determine anything. I really hope it's cute because it's the print I'm holding out for, besides finding my Inferno MM or BV and denaro. We'll see!! If it's cute, I definitely want it in a gioco and my matchy-matchy denaro and maybe a BV. Hehe. I love my big bags.
  7. i'm waiting for spiaggia, too, since i'm not very fond of amore...it's cute, but the hearts and the citrus colors SO aren't me.
  8. the spiaggia print does have a tropical ocean scene beneath that beach scene which i love! there's that beautiful hawaiian girl with lots of tropical fishies and coral...sooo nice! i wish the beach scene wasn't as crowded though..seems like no one to move on that beach! but i love the random unicorn that's in the midst of madness hehehe
  9. oooh did you say unicorn??? i gotta see that!!
  10. If anyone has the Spiaggia swatch saved on their computer, could you send it to me? Thank you!! ^_^
  11. The ocean scene sounds really cool from your description. So far I'm not too crazy about the beach scene especially rudolph being there as well?? :shrugs: We will have to wait and see.
  12. I really would like to what the full pattern out look like...I wonder if there's only one girl on this one.
  13. it has the cactus kitty!
  14. Wow from the descriptions it sounds a lot cuter than I thought, random unicorns and cactus kitties and such... I wish I'd seen a bigger picture! Maybe I'll be all about spiaggia as well... lol
  15. there's 2 girls...one holding the surfboard and the girl you've all seen on the tokidoki site when he went to hawaii...then another girl on the beach all curled up...i love that they're tan and have eyes haha