Spiaggia print are the rivets gold or silver?

  1. Are the rivets on the spiaggia gold or silver? Mines is silver but I've seen some bags that are gold. I dont think I have a fake, I bought it at LeSportsac in Beverly Hills. What color are the rivets on your spiaggia?
  2. My Spiaggia Zucca has silver rivets. ;)

    Gold rivets on Spiaggia?...I haven't seen any.:confused1:
  3. They're silver. But sometimes when you take photos at different angles or lighting, the hardware totally looks gold. It's weird.
  4. Mine are silver...
  5. I saw a couple on eBay and it looked like it was gold, even the metal part that holds the strap looked like it was gold.

    oohhh MAYA I saw your pics from Mozzarella trip to the beach, CUTE! Oh and your zucca spiaggia looked like the rivets where gold. I guess it just reflects weird on the photos.

    I just need someone to justify to me that I DONT need Spiaggia in a MM or gioco, can someone please tell me that?:lecture:
  6. Okay. You don't need it.