Spiaggia! Pirata! Paradiso!

  1. I hope everybody had fabulous holidays!!!!

    A lady had these pieces on hold and are no longer taking them....
    First call, first serve....
    1 Fumo Zucca $64.40
    1 Adios Star Zucca $64.40
    1 Paradiso Nuvola $64.40
    1 Pirata Luna $73.50
    1 Spiaggia Bambino $37.80

    Hopefully I'll be hearing from you guys soon!!!
    Everybody have a Very Happy New Year!!!
  2. Someone just called and took everything except the Fumo Zucca.
  3. May I take that one? My friend would love to receive a tokidoki for her b-day and also will be her first one. Please.
  4. darn it, i wanted a luna so bad.