Spiaggia: Outlets

  1. Does anyone know when the outlets will get in spiaggia?
  2. usually when a new collection comes in...so maybe when Transporto comes out.
  3. I emailed SH today and the response was "
    We do not have Spiaggia and we do not know if we would receive it."
    So I was kinda confused with that reply. I am really hoping they do get it! Maybe since I didn't specify 'tokidoki'. hmm....
  4. I know Lindsey said it was coming just not sure when. So probably when the next print gets to the lesportsac website the outlets will get spiaggia :graucho:
  5. I was at woodbury this past weekend while on vacation carrying my spiaggia and the SA pointed to my bag and said they were getting them in on labour day weekend! heheh
  6. Oh that's probably right!! That makes complete sense!! ;)

    What does everyone want to buy in spiaggia? I'm all spiaggiaed out. They've been all over the dept stores here for months already. :yucky: