spiaggia on lesportsac website

  1. Spiaggia is up on lesportsac's website now too
  2. you're just all over on these websites, aren't you?! haha :biggrin:!!! GREAT JOB though!!! yay!
  3. yay finally :smile:
  4. Finally. Too bad they don't ship to Hawaii. Too bad they dont help with print placement.

    GOD, I need a porta with the sushi boy in paradiso or the unicorn!! AHH.
  5. ok am i looking at the wrong site cuz i don't see any spiaggia on the lesportsac.com site ... ?
  6. Does anyone know if the Notte has original Tokidoki print lining? I thought it was supposed to have Citta, but the Notte denaro's lining (what little I can glimpse) sure looks like original Toki print to me.:confused1:
  7. ^It is original print. I have a black one with original inside.
  8. Notte (black) and Fumo (grey) has Citta lining
    The original black has the original print lining
    Can be differentiated on the outside by the hardware colors - the original black will have green zipper pulls + ball chain
  9. Wow, i guess they really didnt have amore on the site huh? Too bad, that would of been a great seller imo
  10. There's a difference between notte & black? haha why did I think they were the same? LOL.

  11. See that's what I had heard too, but look at this pic of the Notte denaro from the new Summer 07 line. Doesn't that look like original Toki print inside? It's definitely not Citta.

  12. ^Are you sure that's notte and not the original black because it looks exactly like mine.
  13. Yeah, I just now looked on the website and it looks odd to me..
    I checked all Notte listings on eBay and the lining all shows Citta - Maybe it's the newer batch or LeSportsac just messed up their stock photo or something... :confused1:
    I am very sure that only the original black has the original print linig and it must have the metallic green hardware
    Jessaka, maybe you can post pics of yours to confirm this?
  14. Here it is. Yes, it's autographed by Simone.



    //edit, yes it's the one with green hardware.
  15. she's right - the stock photo of the black denaro has the original print on the inside & the fumo has the citta print on the inside. I'm sure they just got lazy posting the pics and will have the spiaggia print on the inside.