Spiaggia MM: Which One???

  1. Okay, here's bag number one. notice how the front is wicked awesome, but unfortunately the back is almost the same just a little lower. i don't get the airplane and banner and hardly any of the pink that i like. i also don't get the blue haired girl. i do love the front of this bag since it has both adios and monkey surfing.
    here's bag #1
  2. now, bag #2: the front isn't as nice because surfing monkey is a little cut off, but i do love the blue haired girl with the popsicle, and she's on there. the back is lowered a lot and i get more pink which i like and i get the boy in the airplane and the banner. the bummer is both sides where the mesh is are identical. i do like the fish in the mesh, but too bad adios' face is cut off. not too big of a deal. i should mention the top of the bag is yellow bikini boobs :Push: but also cute jellyfish!
    am i crazy to not keep #1? is do you even like #2? i'm so confused as what to do. i like so many of the characters on the beach scene, but i like a colorful bag and i think since #2 has more pink, i'm drawn to that. what do you think looks better?
  3. having problems posting front of bag #2 sorry. here it is

    does the front look bad because the monkey is a little cut off? i don't know what to do!!!!!
  4. At first I liked the second one better, but you're right, #1 is the keeper.
  5. omg .. tough decision!! umm ... I think I will go with bag #2 because I am also drawn to the pink and I think you have a good mix of characters!!
  6. I like the 1st one better too
  7. i also like the "balance" of the front of #2. i like how in the upper right you have the sand castle and the lower left the water coming in at an angle. make sense? i am so torn. i think the problem with having a chance to choose, you always want certain parts of each bag!!! ughhh!

    but i also like the hawaiian girl in the lower left of #1 i'm going craaaazy!
  8. I like #2 better. The girls is too much of a focus on the first bag.
  9. I like the second one better because you have a larger variety of characters.
  10. I like #1 better. I dont like it when the scene on the bag looks cut off. I dont like it when the girls heads are cut off either.
  11. I like numero dos. ...mainly because of the back of the bag... even though it doesn't have my toki hubby = ), the print looks pretty perfect.
  12. 2nd! Lots of cute characters hehe
  13. I vote #2
  14. #2
  15. #2 for more variety!!