Spiaggia is IN HAND!! ;o)

  1. Yahoo!! :yahoo:

    I love it.............it's so cute! And the best part is..........the hardware is SILVER!! OMG........I want more! Ok so now I'm on the hunt to find a better denaro so I can swap out mine.

    But I have to tell you this print is TDF......so if you haven't purchased one yet, DO IT AND DO IT NOW!!

    I would post actual pics but I left my camera in my car and I'm getting ready to go hit the mall and too lazy to run down and get it. Will post my own pics later but these are the ones Casey sent me:




  2. There's Adios surfing on the top part in the back and the hula girl dancing. There's that cute Jamaican dude in the inner tube on the bottom of the front and the girl putting lotion on the boys back. I love this print! I just wish I could find a denaro w/the unicorn or the deer on it or even the hula girl.
  3. ohh la la. looks adorable.
    hmm...u can always resale your denaro to a dolphin-lover
  4. ohh la la. looks adorable. great ciao ciao.
    hmm...u can always resale your denaro to a dolphin-lover
  5. OMG...Tracy your stuff is adorable :love: congrats!! :yahoo:
    I can't wait to get mine and see it IRL. Is it sooo much better IRL than in the pics :shrugs: I'm hoping it's brighter than it looks in the pics :graucho:
  6. cute tracy :biggrin:

    ...still waiting for them to show up here so i can find me my happy unicorn.
  7. lol i LOVE the girl thats buried in the sand w/ the crab on top of her, so cute!!
  8. Mine's here too !! :yahoo: It's here....:yahoo: it's here:yahoo: I'm totally :love: ing it!! :drool: :drool: :drool: Super duper cute!! AHHHHHHHHH!!
  9. Congrats...Now I can't wait to get mine!!!
  10. This is one of the cutest cutest cutest prints!! I'm absolutely in :love: with it! Wait until you see it IRL! :drool:
  11. awww where is mine?! everyone is getting theirs!!! so kyoot though!
  12. Bubblesung what did you order? I saw you posted you bought 4 things :graucho: . I don't know how you can afford it after your amore frenzy!! :lol:

    I hope yours isn't at the neighbors house which is where mine had to be :cursing: stupid mail lady...she can't read :lecture:I oughta teach her a lesson :death:
  13. i ordered 3 things the first day on friday...n the tracking said it was shipped on the 27th which is friday like everyone else! seems like all you bay area people have yours...and lonely me in stockton!! i've been waiting all day for the mail man!


    Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I wannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnt
  15. wow congrats ...looks soo cute! hahaha theres a girl putting suntan lotion on a pink hair dude...:lol: