Spiaggia in the Winter?

  1. A friend of mine is considering getting a Spiaggia Zucca (which is adorable), but considering we live in NY, I dunno if that would be smart of her. :/ Would anyone here carry around a Spiaggia bag during the winter, when it's snowing and like, 30 degrees? XD?
  2. Although it's a summery print, maybe it'll feel warmer in the winter carrying around a tropical bag :smile:
  3. I would. But I would also carry Vacanze year-round. :biggrin:
  4. I probably would still carry it. I live in Ohio, so I know all about the cold winters, but like rphppr said, it'll make you feel warmer.:smile:
  5. I would def. use it. I live on hawaii and it's never winter!! hahaha so when vacanze comes around. I'd still rock it.
  6. How come people keep talking about Spiaggia being "seasonal" but not Pirata? I think Pirata is pretty tropical. In fact, in terms of the colors it's more summery to me than Spiaggia.

    And then there's Lamore... which also looks pretty spring/summery to me.

    And yes I'd carry it year round....
  7. as long as it matches the outfit, i say why not? we all paid good money for our bags, we should have the right to rock that ish however and whenever we want!
  8. I carried my Foresta Gioco all winter long! :p
  9. if i had a spiaggia bag, i'd def. rock it all year long. if you like it, and it matches your outfit, why not? :tup:
  10. Hmm that is funny why no one considers pirata summery with the fact its on a beach. I think the reason spiaggia looks more summery to me is because of all the girls with their bikinis, and the kids tanning and such... For some reason the colors alone in pirata look kind autumnish to me...
  11. Sure, why not, it might make you forget the cold.
  12. heh, over here it wouldn't make a difference hahaha...but yeahh it would be OK to carry it during winter, or at least I think so.
  13. LOL it would be like carrying a Vacanze bag in HAWAII during.. well, any time of the year! :lol:

    There is absolutely nothing wrong with wearing a Spiaggia bag in 30 degree (yikes!) weather! And like Queen Louis said, it might make you forget the cold :tup:
  14. lesportsbagme all year round! yup, thats right folks.....i shall use all lesportsbags in any colour-print all year round!!!! winter is soooooooooooooooooooooooo blah, that it helps carrying something flashy, colourful, fun and sunny! spiaggia and vacanze all the way!!!! all the time!!! yeah!! :okay:
  15. Yah I don't care what the temperature is outside .. I'd def. wear my spiaggia during the winter :yes: