Spiaggia in Brea, CA

  1. Ok I went to Disneyland today and had to stop off at the Brea mall to return my lamore denaro to Nordies. I did a little toki shopping while there so I could report to you all.

    Ok at Macy's they have Spiaggia: 2 zuccas, 2 mamma mias, 2 or 3 ciao ciao's, 2 bellas, 2 dolces and 2 stellinas that were on the floor (this is what I remember)

    at Nordies they have Spiaggia: 1 gioco, 1 mamma mia, 1 BV

    Nordies also had one portatelefono in Citta (is at the counter w/other portas) and Citta Rose (was in the sale bin at the back of the handbag section near reg price toki bags) for $55.90. There was also a bracioletto (sp??) on sale in the sale bin for like $22 or something like that and I THINK it was citta.
  2. Dang, I wish I lived in Cali :sad:
  3. I know what you mean Jess!!

    Why do we have to be stuck here on this rinky dinky island :sad:
  4. uh, I'd gladly trade you places! CA is so overcrowded and BORING! I would love to live in paradise!! :heart:
  5. I dont know about paradise, lmfao. It's OK for what it is lolz.
  6. lol I can admit that I take living in Hawaii for granted sometimes but it is not what you think "paradise" is!

    There's the beach, city, country, mountains, freeway, cars, people, TONS of tourists, stores, more trees than some states.. i guess, and did I mention the tourists?

    hehe but as for Tokidoki stuff.. I wouldnt mind being on the mainland! :smile: Shipping here is doo doo.
  7. shipping here is dodo, lmfao. you're funny :biggrin:
  8. After visiting so many places and driving from Oakland to St. Louis and then all the way back (but through a totally different route), I can definitely say Hawaii is paradise. I took all of Hawaii for granted before I moved out to STL. Once I came back, and I was only gone for three months because it all was a bad experience, I looked at everything differently... From then on out, I went to the beach every weekend (but now I haven't been in about 4 months due to being so busy and doing work on weekends) and inhaled the fresh air we have. Nothing beats Hawaii air, seriously. We're lucky to have trade winds. Even with uber-expensive cost of living, all the tourists, the junk traffic - Hawaii will always be the best place to live. If you guys see a lot of the places on the mainland, you'd call Hawaii paradise too. :yes:
  9. Very true Maya. I've heard things like that from other people as well.

    I think I just need to travel more. I dont get out much :lol:
  10. I agree with you Maya, I think I just need to take a trip again. I love that feeling when you finally get home. It's like the best feeling in the world. I remember when I went to Europe in '01 -- dang, I was so happy to come home. I mean I enjoyed my time, but you're right, nothing beats home. Even when I went to Cali it was like that...hmm. OK, I guess I just need a vacation lmfao.
  11. I really think that's the key to continually loving Hawaii - taking vacations. My family took vacations at least once a year and every three years was back to Japan. Hawaii is such a small, rinky dink island that you can't help but get bored... but when you leave for a short while and come back, you realize nothing beats this.

    And seriously, our air is awesome compared to the mainland. *lol* Out there it's either stale or stinks.
  12. Yeah, I remember going to Cali for spring break and even though I had a blast, it felt so good to be home!

    Maya - you're so lucky to go on a vacation every year! And to Japan every 3 years!! I'd like to experience a trip to Japan (and here I was complaining about tourists a few minutes ago lol)

    :lol: you said rinky dink too

    Yup, I looooove the fresh air and clear blue skies! Nothing beats that! :smile:
  13. Hehe. You guys are at least lucky to have a tropical climate. Beats the northern most north. At least Cali has things that you can do. I come from a city of 100,000 people that are spread out FAR (like it looks like a city of 10,000). The nearest next city is an 8 hour drive away (and I'm talking driving at 80 mph). In the winters, my city gets to -40 F and the summers are 90 F (with no nice breeze). Plus, the "best" club here plays nasty music and is filled with little teenagers. We just got an Old Navy last year and everyone lined up to go to the opening of Walmart. haha. Don't say boring until you've lived in Boreville. hehe.
  14. lol... I really need to travel. I've been stuck in Socal for my entire life. The furthest north=los angeles, south=baja mexico east=anza borego springs west=ocean... lol I've never really left so cal ever!

    Where I used to live in Northern San Diego County they had ranches and stuff. Traffic = not really existent when I was little. Then around late middle school to high school they started developing the area more and now we have rush hour on our tiny freeway which they've expanded to 4 lanes in some areas now!! IT'S GETTING SO CROWDED. It makes me sad and happy at the same time because we get more stores opening (they just opened a Nordstroms Rack in San Marcos, CA) but sooooo crowded now
  15. Thanks Tracy Im going to go check it out in a little while :smile: I want a Spiaggia ...I'll Post if I Buy anything