Spiaggia Bella

  1. Does anyone have this bag? I would love to see a pic of it..I have never seen it before. Could someone please post a pic??
  2. that's a good point.....i dont think i've seen a spiaggia bella either...or famiglia.......was bella discontinued already?
  3. sorry i don't have a pic, but those are definitely not discontinued. they are still in the lesportsac stores in hawaii. :tup:
  4. Man, I might need to get me one of those lol.
  5. i've never seen one of those at Nordstroms or macy's either, but i would have to see the back before i bought one - the bellas can either have the best or worst placement depending on your fav characters
  6. I want one. I was hoping someone on here would have one so I can see an actual pic. I can't tell much about the one on lesportsac.com
  7. i guess they just didnt make a lot of them. i've def never seen one
  8. Ooooh a spiaggia bella would be so, so adorable with the ocean scene on the back~