Spiaggia 25% off at Macy's

  1. Was at Scottsdale Macy's today and Spiaggia is 25% off! Not sure if it's on sale at other Macy's. They had only a few pieces left (I picked up a BV...they had another BV, a Bambinone, and a Canguro left). Lamore was not marked down.

  2. :wtf: Must... go... to my local Macy's!!
  3. By any chance, do you know the bianco/notte:graucho: are on sale too?
  4. Nope, they weren't marked down (and I checked - I want a Notte BV!). :sad:

  5. Thanks for your information. Then I don't need to go there to scan that. :girlsigh:
  6. I didn't actually scan it. The Macy's stores around here write the sale price right on the tag. Plus the Spiaggia were on a rack with a big 25% off sign (there was also some reg LSS and Harajuku on the sale rack). Oddly enough they weren't over on the sale table, which is where they put the Pirata a couple of weeks ago when they marked that down. Weird.

    I wonder if Notte will ever go on sale, since they seem to still be making it?

  7. Sigh. Well, at least news like this from you Americans makes me feel better about not getting a tutti or trasporto yet.

    ...Couple more months and maybe I can get one for a deal on eBay! SIGH. No I'm not bitter.
  8. Hey Sister Blue! How far is Scottsdale from Goodyear? My family has a house there & that's where I'll be for the weekend...I wanted to know if I could see the sale for myself :graucho:
  9. I'd say about 45 minutes to an hour drive...sort of on the other side of town. Definitely worth it for Toki shopping though!! :graucho: In addition to the few pieces of Spiaggia that were on sale, they had a whole bunch of Tutti, plus Famiglia, Bianco, Notte, and a couple of Lamore pieces (Canguro and Ciao Ciao I think).

  10. Cool! Thanks. Also, I've been to Arizona Mills and the Chandler mall, are there any other places that sell Toki?
  11. Hi, sisiterblue,

    How far from intel corp to any nearest Macy's? My friend is having a meeting over there. Maybe I can have her to pick up my stuffs.(I mean I can call and pay first from Macy's then let her to pick up for me, instead to pay the shiping fee)

    Thanks for your time.:love:
  12. Bianco is on sale at Nordstroms --
    you should call them & ask them..
    shipping should be free for anything over 25 bucks.
  13. good luck for anyone still looking for spiaggia!!! I never even saw one in stores in SF bay area.... they were all sold out instantly... the SA at the SF macys told me that some ladies bought ALLLLLL the spiaggia the day it came out.. it was during the 20% off sale... :wtf::wtf::wtf:

    and they never got a 2nd shipment... :sad:
  14. Yeah...I dont see any more Spiaggia in my Macy's . Only Famiglia & tutti..
  15. How unfair is that!? XD I guess I can't hope to catch an awesome deal like I did for my pirata gioco. I called my local Macy's, and the spiaggias there are all still full price.

    Oh..but I will prevail..:devil: