Sperone Corners

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  1. Hi everybody! I am new to the site and also a new LV Lover! My first bag was purchased on February 2018, The sperone. Two days ago, I noticed that the canvas in the corners at the bottom of the bag are fading or peeling. There are no signs of dirty or color transfer. Just fading. You could see the white material that the canvas has inside. Today I went the LV Store and my SA, told me, that she has never heard that the sperone has that problem and that she was going to send it to the repair department... Does anyone have the same experience with the Sperone? What can I expect from the process? It could take 6 weeks, without my bag. Thanks!!! 20180506_114731.jpg 20180506_114815.jpg 20180420_092144.jpg
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  2. They most likely would just replace your bag. I honestly don’t know what they would do to fix that. Definitely not normal though.
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  3. I was expecting that! It is really a new bag only used a few times.
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    Honestly even if it is a year old, I don’t think it should discolor like that. It doesn’t even look like the corner was scruff against something.....honestly there’s only one possibility and it would be something like nail polish. Hopefully the next one turns out well!! :smile:
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  5. They cannot fix that so you may receive a new bag. Especially since it was just purchased in February! Smart to just take it in like you did. I would however be worried they would say it is a rubbed corner hard to tell in pictures some times.
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  6. Just be aware that bags designed with folded canvas corners like this one are going to show similar rubbing overtime. The rubbing is particularly noticeable on DE and DA, but it also shows on Monogram. I avoid these designs like the plague.
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  7. Haha I’m glad I’m not the only one!!! Folded corners are like a huge big no no for me too. :smile:
  8. I hope so, but I am disappointed of the LV store.. I really love the brand. This bag was so special! my husband bought it for me. Will have to wait until I have an answer from the store.. hope everything will be fine and it can be resolved...
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  9. Last week I bought the Tournelle PM also has folded canvas... I am having second thoughts... 20180428_184035.jpg
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  10. It’s rough on the corner when it has no feet :S
  11. The Tournelle does have feet, and it also has folded corners. I love it -- its looks and versatility -- and I love the Sperone, too. I had complete fading on the corners of a monogram Palm Springs MM backpack which are not folded. There is no guarantee, so if I were you, I would just enjoy the bags and be slightly careful when handling them. I am seriously considering the Sperone as my first DA purchase :smile:.
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  12. I really take good care of my bags, and totally understand that you may have this problem with time. But my bag is almost 3 months old.. I am in love with the brand, but also consider that the quality should be a high priority when you buy a luxury item like this. But let's see how the process end. I'll keep everyone posted! Thanks for your comments!
  13. Well today after 4 weeks since I took my bag to the LV store with the issue, I received a call from my S.A., told me that repairs examined the bag and determined that it was due to use (wear and tear) a bag that I purchased on February 2018 basically new, and it was 3 months old when I got back to the store with the issue. I remember when I purchased the bag, the S.A. told me that canvas can make up to 20 years without damage. Even that, my S.A. told the manager of the store in Puerto Rico, where I live. And she said she couldn't do anything. As a manager I think she could do something, but didn't want to. So no more Louis Vuitton for me. Very bad quality? or service? from my store in Puerto Rico...
  14. Canvas will wear but that quickly is crazy unless u r super rough with it. Call CS and pursue it. Sometimes u have to jump through hoops but LV usually ends up doing the right thing in the end.
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  15. Update.. when I went to pick Up the sperone.. I asked to speak with the manager... I had with me Pictures of the corners that Í enlarged, to show that there was no dirty... or color transfer... that the Damier azur was just vanish... manager told me, that this happen when it rubbed to your back... How funny that LV sell a backpack that Will peel when you used it, like it supposed to be used... in your back....??? I told her. Again... she took the Pictures and the bag, and told me that she will speak to repairs... again??? So I am waiting for her response.... LV lovers, what do you think about this?
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