Sperm Morphology

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  1. I learn something new everyday and yesterday I learned that the shape of sperm can affect your fertility.... and that it is completely normal that the majority of sperm is misshaped. It is normal to have as little as 5% regularly shaped sperm! Crazy!

    So at our fertility specialist follow up appointment, we found out that this may or may not be our issue (so glad we figured that out!). Anyhoo, if anyone else has had this issue and can give me a little guidence, that would be helpful. Dr. gave us a few options: 1)keep on trying 2)clomid- more eggs equals greater odds 3)test to determine if sperm can stick to the egg- in which case yes= IUI, no= IVF.

    We are going to keep it up, as I do feel in my heart that it is going to happen soon for us... with all the recent tPF pregnancies here lately I am really encouraged!:tup: (It also helps that my alma matter just won the NCAA National Basketball Championship :woohoo:).
  2. I had completely forgotten about this issue of sperm morphology, but I now remember that it came up during our initial fertility work-up. Morphology & Motility (or how fast the sperm swims toward the egg).

    My husband's sperm was tested twice: the first time the results were slightly abnormal for morphology and fine for motility. This means that he had a higher percentage of abnormals than average, but they were good swimmers.
    :tup: Yay: nothing like abnormal sperm furiously swimming toward my eager eggs. The second time (different batch of sperm) the results were perfectely normal.

    By that time, we had the results from the fallopian tube dye test which showed that at least my left tube was blocked. The right popped open during the examination. So, by process of elimination, we concluded the infertility was on my side and went on to IVF.

    Either way, tabby it's good you're investigating. I'm betting that by next year at this time you'll have an adorable baby picture as your avatar. Just a guess, you know? ;)
  3. I knew that. (And I think I've been taking too much Medical Terminology.)

    I was watching How I Met Your Mother and it was when Lily went to Marshall's family's house for thanksgiving. All the men in that family are very tall and Marshall's dad jokingly chalked that up to the men's sperm having two tails.

    Normally, people would laugh. My first thought was, "sperm with two tails die."
  4. Thanks emmalawyer! I forgot that there is the option for him to retest... which could lessen our concerns. Although, I have to say, I'm not all that concerned b/c everything on my side did check out normal. His motility and concentration is good (I knew there were many sperm in one sample, but good GOD! 5M+?! That was the second thing I learned yesterday.) So I play the odds game and I think they are still in our favor. :P

    Thanks for the support and encouragement!
  5. :roflmfao: Oooo, and there is a crazy looking one with two heads! This was on the chart of course, I didn't get to see the real deal...
  6. ^^ Hehe, yeah. The one with two heads dies.
    The one with two tails dies.
    The one with the misshapen head dies.
    The one with no tail dies.
  7. One head, one tail and a strong swimmer. That's what you're shooting for . . . . so to speak.
  8. OMG I did not know this....I guess if we haven't conceived by September and we go back for fertility testing they will test for this?? That is interesting.
  9. Yep, if DH has a sperm analysis, they will test for motility (swimming), concentration (amount of sperm), and morphology (shape of sperm).

    The good thing about getting DH checked out earlier is that the test is not that expensive and it isn't painful or uncomfortable (like the HSG test). I think the biggest problem is getting the DH to swallow a little pride and fill the cup.
  10. ^^ Aint' that the truth!!
  11. tabby

    where did your DH get his sperm analysis? did he went to a regular doctor? how long is it? do you get the results right away?

  12. Our RS (reproductive specialist) ordered the test. Then gave him the info for the lab they use. He called up made a drop-off time and picked up a cup for his sample. After that I didn't ask too many question of DH and let him do his thing... I do know that you can give a sample in the comfort of your own home as long as the sample arrives at the lab within an hour. The directions said to try to keep the sample at body temperature by keeping it next to your body. Also, the sample must be given no sooner than two days after the last ejaculation, not later than 5.

    Result were available in a week.
  13. Tnx tabby!

    another question: Can my DH just use Fertell instead of having a sperm analysis done by a doctor? He can't bring himself to get a test done :cursing: (man ego I tell ya) No matter how much I try to convince him :sad:

    I made another appointment next week for my OB/GYN and now, Im scared that she might say "go and have a semen analysis first before coming back to me" (i made the appointment 2 months ago! that's how long the wait is here:cursing:)

    I've done the HSG test just as what she ordered BUT I can't have my DH do the sperm analysis

    I don't wanna spend $100 (a bit pricey for me) for the Fertell if my OB won't "entertain" that kind of test

  14. Honestly, having done the Fertell test, it didn't give us the information we needed. Our problem is sperm morphology and that isn't tested by Fertell, just motility and concentration. And it is so easy to screw up the test. The semen analysis is cheaper than the fertell test.

    I know how men can be :rolleyes:... my dh wasn't exactly excited about the idea of getting analyzed, but I think he was more concerned that there was a problem w/him and didn't really want to face that prospect. But I convinced him that it was better to know sooner than later so that if we needed to do IUI or IVF we can start down that road. Oh yeah, and I also whined a bit about how much I've had to go through with vaginal ultasounds, peeing on a stick every morning and the HSG test.... then his test didn't seem so bad.

    Would dh be more comfortable if you took the speciman in? After we got all the info, I totally backed off and we just didn't talk about it. Dh just took care of everything and I think that made it easier on him...
  15. Tabbyco,
    I just want to wish you best of luck in the process.

    And I want to tell other ladies that my dh did it in a hospital. They had a private room with some :graucho: magazines, some :wtf: VHS along with a TV. Then, he needed to get the sample there. Once he finished, called an extension and put the bottle in a room (no one is in the room.) Then he can leave. Nothing to be embrassed. HE COMPLAINED THAT THE VCR WASN'T WORKING. :roflmfao:

    Good Luck Ladies!!!!!! Sending a lot of baby dust on your way!!!!

    VT Pooh