Spent some time at Union Square LV tonight, where they have a "stack" of heart purses

  1. Or at least that's what Tim the manager told me as we chatted... He was lamenting the fact that they received so few valentine pastilles key rings, but still had a "stack" of the heart coin purses. You may want to give them a call!

    Anyway, while there, I tried on the red inclusion ring and to tell you the truth, didn't dig it. It was uncomfortable on my finger, and the red was not the deep blood red I was expecting. So I passed on that, as well as the Speedy inclusion key ring, which will be money directed elsewhere...

    Tried on the Rivets Pochette and loved it so much I had Tim put me on the list :yahoo:

    Scarves are still not in, but hopefully next week along with the red key rings

    I still ended up buying something: a damier mini pochette to use as a makeup case.

    Plus I got a Valentine catalogue! And had the usual great chat with Tim. He told me that Damier canvas is actually black before it is screen printed, which is one reason you can wear Damier with black clothing so easily.
  2. hmmm.....maybe I should ask my aunt to pick one up for me for my Valentines Day gift..... :graucho: :devil: :graucho:
  3. Thanks for the info about the Damier! Very interesting.

    Tell us more about the Rivet pochette!!!
  4. Jane, I did the SAME thing! Went in to see the valentine's day things and walked out with a mini pochette in azur. Isn't it soooo cute? I am loving it...perfect for Spring!
  5. Thanks for the info, Jane!
  6. The Rivets pochette is just very cute and unique. Has rounded brass rivets across the front and back, a grid pattern of stitches over the monogram, the brass plate, and a tiny front exterior pocket. I just like it because it's not the same old monogram, and apparently it is a "special edition" bag. I am usually very picky -- I don't buy something just because it's super limited or trendy -- but something about this little bag just drew me in!
  7. what colors did they have available?
  8. Yeah I had to look at both Azur and original damier before choosing the brown one because it looked so great with my Saleya and also coordinates with my pomme Roxbury.
  9. I am not sure which colors they had on hand; I didn't ask to see it. I just remember Tim saying they had a surplus of some kind.

    The store is still open, call! Or call tomorrow.
  10. ^^^ well, Im going to go in because I need to see if I can exchange my pomme agenda for a heart purse. Do you know what there return policy is? isnt it 30 days?
  11. Did they have any of the flat pouches?
  12. Any pomme envelopes?

    Anyone have thoughts on my chances of getting one at retail price still????
  13. The return policy is 14 days.

    I didn't ask about flat pouches...

    They did seem to finally have all the red inclusion items, including barrettes.
  14. Oh and they also had those gold shoes Michelle just got! SO HOT!
  15. last time I was there I was told exchanges can be made within 30 days.

    I returned a framboise bracelet for the pomme agenda and it was over 14 days but within 30 days, so now im going to see if I can exchange the pomme agenda for the heart purse. Do you know if maryana was there today? (she works at the counter in front of the shoes, where the inclusion items are)